Haha this is just horrific!
7 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 107 votes, average: 9.86 out of 10 (7 votes, average: 9.86 out of 10, rated)

This one's a fucking disgrace. Purple AND ugly as fuck.
5 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 105 votes, average: 8.60 out of 10 (5 votes, average: 8.60 out of 10, rated)

higniss says: this is better than your car whoevers site this is, probably faster with 4 cylinders than your hunk of just, put some of your pics up and let them get payed out you sook
Daz says: Faster than my car? I seriously doubt that fuckwit.
hm says: Daz, what car do you own ? I'd love to see some pictures. Renault 5 GT goes to 60 in about 7 seconds. Yours in probably 30 years or so.
Daz says: 7 Seconds? ooooh, reaaaaly fast, twat. My car isn't French, so it'll work in the rain, it's not a hatch-back so it doesn't need 'modding' and it's not a saloon, so it's light. Believe me spunk-stain, my car is a tad quicker than this turd.
Anti-Daz says: If you've read carefully, Renault 5 GT means a stock Renault 5 GT. With a few mods, it will go 0-60 a lot faster than your car. Plus the turbocharger gives you the thrills. Anyway, this is a light car too, a lot lighter than yours. Any questions?
Daz says: Lighter than mine? Doubtful, veeeery doubtful.
Anti-Daz says: Z3 M version (i'm willing to give you some advantage here) : 1425 kg; Renault 5 Turbo (the 160bhp version) : 970kg (the other versions are ~860kg). Oh yes, veeeeery doubtful.
Daz says: No, my car's lighter than that. The M version is heavier. Plus are you taking into account the countless shite that's been plastered over that car to 'improve' it's performance, yet somehow despite doubling its weight?
kial says: shut up every 1 the car is nice end of the car would piss on n e of you fukers
Daz says: It probably would piss on us, the shoddy fucking quality of it would result in leaks all over the fucking place. French shite.
daddieo says: your mum you slag
fister a hole says: the r 5 gtt is a wicked car that will waste all that stand in the way.. anyone who thinks not suck penis and loves to rim
gaz not daz the spaz says: daz never mentions what car he owns, so i guess it is very doubtful that the five is lighter,, how much do matchbox cars weigh again. daz your a pleb
RTOC says: sorry to say daz... but you know shit about cars. there is nothing wrong with this one. I own a R5 GT Turbo and at over 200bhp you get more for your money than you would for any thing in its class. Yeah ok its french but its a french rocket. My car beat my mates UK spec scooby of the lines and he bought it for £23000. I bought mine for £3000.... who who is the mug then. My brake to weight ratio is better than many cars, plus with a bigger T25 turbo pushing over 20psi it will beat many cars. If you want a fun car to drive that does not cost loads then the R5 is your best bet. So Daz...fancy a race at santa pod then pussy boy.... bring your shite shed and we will see who is laughing... i have run my R5 many time and i have some good quater mile time to prove it... so if you want to race for pink slips meet you there at Trax... if you don't show up we will know what a punk you really are and you probably own a lada..dick
www.rtoc.org says: daz... you own a bmw Z3...the bhp on that is 231 and it weghts in at 1315kg...so your weight to BHP is 178.49 and estimated quater mile is 14.42 secs....and all that cost you 20 grand.....mug if i had 20 grand to spend i would buy a evo 6 for that....with over 400bhp.... you really are a dick splash
aka silent bob (rtoc) says: daz... what r you a hair dresser? get a live fagit.
steve r5 says: daz, its pretty simple for everyone to see that your just a fuckin cock with a over priced bmw that would get whooped by many many r5 gtt's, so get ur facts right before you shout you mouth off next time !!!!!
dangerous dave.. rtoc says: daz..........you really must rat out your own mother if you think half of the shit that dribbles out your arse mouth
dangerous dave says: for fucks sake.. i meant "eat out your mother" not rat... my keyboards as gay as you daz..
Div says: Cheapo piece of french crap...no wait, I mean completley awesome...yeah
Daz says: 'If you build it, they will come'... sure enough, the fuckwits have flocked. Welcome arseholes, welcome to your new home.
Daz says: im sorry for what i said about the 5.. its a great car and the only reason i slate it is because i have a small penis
Daz says: So funny, so funny indeed - tell me, why do you keep coming back to this website? Is it because your life is so empty, you really have nothing else to do? Sad, sad little boy.
I am a girl says: do those seats look like marsh-mallow men to anyone else?
casper says: yeah this is a shit car its not how it performs on this site its how it looks and that looks like a blind man as driven it off a cliff
cody says: ITS A FUKING BRICK WALL ON WHEELS AERODYNAMICS OF A FAT KID u should be bitxh slapped for that
lol says: lol
ya mam says: its a square banger ..kitted up ..normally i like 'chav' cars .cars dat av bin kitted up but this is nasty
someone says: ahhhhhhhhhh run away its horible
someone says: hes got 2 number plates on the front why one problly say 1m dum8
JG is GAY says: What exactly is this supposed to look like? Fucking nasty.
says: i have a f40 so i dont no wot ur all talking bout
sam norris is gay says: WOW its a cardboard box on wheels
Hmmm says: No you don't have an F40. If you did you wouldn't be on this site and you wouldn't be an illiterate cunt.
u lot r pussys says: lush 5 turbo phat chavs 4eva
Chav Scum Loser says: This car is fully homosexual. It also works as a rent-boy at weekends...
Mr Mann says: I'm loving the earlier comments on this car! £3000 for a car with 200 bhp? You was robbed! I can get a car for £250 that has 130 bhp from stock and with a bit of tweaking will get it well over 200 bhp all for less than half the price of a piece of French crap Renault 5 GT!
hmmmm says: can i ask why the people that take the piss out of all these cars never put their own cars up? id put mine up and if u took the piss out of it u would have to be mentally ill
Jim says: This site is shti
Chris says: Daz, what actually is your car? Curiosity, yknow.
theunknowfreak says: Looks like a transformer mated with a forklift.
theunknowfreak says: Refridgerator*
john flint says: Thats reminds me whos been at my quality street purple one? They are always the first to go. Except this piece of garbage. Looks like a cheap jar of beetroot
David Gilmoore says: RTOC: Hey Mr Renault 5 man, I really don't see why you think your Renault 5 is so fast? I was behind one the other day and while overtaking him the guy dropped it down a gear and started trying to race me. I laughed and floored my car and had him easily. I got a passenger to write down the number plate and when I stopped entered it in on an app on my phone (My Car Check). According to that it was a 2.0litre diesel in yellow. It was correct because the age of the vehicle matched the number plate of the AA van. Who knows... what? Oh sorry I thought you would have assumed that a Renault on the motorway would only ever travel at the same speed as the AA van towing it. I assumed that would be obvious.
The Sodomiser says: The owner needs to die in pain with a dick up his arse.
Andy says: Its Renault ffs and like all all French shit like this should be crushed. This is especially shit though, a big turd curled out on the drivers seat would complete the image..

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