A mates 306, he wont accept that hes just made hes
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We love to get eMails from people slagging us off. If you’re outraged about this site, why not leave a comment defending one of the truly awful cars, or you could eMail us and tell us what you think. We’ll put the best eMails here.

spit fuck [philipiantube@yahoo.co.uk] writes:
“I own built and race my Talbot sunbeam hybrid rallycar, with trophy cabinet, so who’s the oxygen thief waste of internal organs pissant tape worm charming spunk bubble now then huh? All of ya take ya heads for a shit and fucking DIE?”
Thanks Spit, or shall I call you Mr Fuck? Tell you what, I’ll call you Philip – as that’s the name in your email. It’s all well and good using a fake name but when you add your real email address it kinda makes it pointless. Dipshit. Why’ve you added a trophy cabinet to your car? That’s a bit stupid isn’t it? You’ll never win anything with that added weight. You must be one of the dumbest mother fuckers to ever email us.

James [wilderbeast@live.dk] writes:
“I’m like you, I hate the cock-suckers, but I do something about it unlike you, I key them down the side’s. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLLOLLOLLOOL…..”
James, in order to ‘key’ something you first need access to a ‘key’. Whatever care home you’ve emerged from to send me that email clearly doesn’t issue you with a key, perhaps a valve for your catheter, but not a key, no. You could dribble piss from your catheter down the side of the cars though, before being ushered back onto the sunshine bus.

josh [josh_coates@hotmail.co.uk] writes:
“Hi mate.
I need you to remove a pic of my cousins car, its the polo with black rims LOL, this one:

its on the first page of latest cars

my cous is a bit pissed at me for putting it up, nothing else will come of it just get it down asap.

To be fair tho what the hell does he expect putting black rims on a polo? ”

Thanks for the email Josh. I would love to take down your cousin’s car. However, with this website being called YourCARisSHIT and your cousin’s car being, well, shit – it just doesn’t seem right now does it? Anyway, someone has to tell your cousin his car is shit, it may as well be you… and me of course.
scott walker [scottybo@hotmail.co.uk] writes:
“hi there, love the webiste, but i noticed something, when i was looking through under the all cars section i noticed that u had on there a COMPLETELY STANDARD ford fiesta zetec s, take it down its not chavvy atall”
Thanks for the email Scott. Your loving of the website has really made my day. In fact the birds sound a little chirpier, and the skirts of girls walking past the window seem a little higher. My day has indeed brightened up no end.Oh, as for removing the Fiesta… no, it’s shit.

Michael666 [michaelb5522@gmail.com] writes:
“Dearest faggot, what a crap site you mean little insignificant arse hole. Have you considered suicide. No? Well you should. People like you should be hung by your ears and have your legs slowly eaten by rabid dogs. Your site is crap, poor coding and the contibutors have the mental ability of a disabled chimp (at least it’s better than yours.) So what if people want to drive Saxos and Corsas? You think that because you drive a BM you are some how entered into a motoring hierarchy, well this might be a stark realisation for you, YOU AREN’T!
This site really is a poor mans Barry Boys (which is already in the depths of rubbish sites.)So, please do open the boot of your BM, find the tow rope in it, fashion a noose out of it, place it round your neck, find a big building, tie the other end to something solid on the top of that building, and jump you fat bastard!
Peace out 🙂 “

It’s been a while since I’ve bothered to reply to one of these emails, but there was something about your desperate homophobic rant, hiding a closet urge to come out of the closet and stick your fingers in men’s arses, that compelled me to reply.So, do I think I’m in motoring hierarchy? No. Do I think all Saxos and Corsas are shit? Yes. Do I think you’re really 13 years old and have neither sat behind the wheel of a car, nor seen a woman naked? Definitely.

My site may have very old coding that I just can’t be fucked to update, but it still ranks #1 in Google for ‘chav cars’ and ‘shit cars’, thus pissing off morons like yourself.


Duisberg [mail@chelfing.com] writes:
“Whats the point of this site ? Its a poor mans barryboys really. “
Simple really, Barryboys is done for fun, nice harmless fun. YouCarIsShit.com is done because I want all of you Saxo driving chav scum to die painfully in a fireball of your own fibreglass mods. Twat.
Mikey Ruddick [michael.ruddick@netintelligence.com] writes:
“Big Man the boys in Glasgow truly appreciate your craic!! If i had a legend of the week medal to hand out I would present it to you but i dont so tough shit – well done handsome – keep up the stirling work!! “
That’s Mikey, much appreciated… now where’s my fucking medal?
Rich [gr8_boxter@hotmail.co.uk] writes:
Oh look, another illiterate cunt who speaks in txt speak. Let me say this very slowly so you can keep up. Saxos are shit, so shit in fact even the French disown them. If however you wish to drive a car driven by a cheese eating, wine guzzling surrender monkey then that’s your choice. Cunt.
web bitch [webbitchownsyou@aol.com] writes:
“What a nasty site. Crap coding, shit graphics. You suck. “
I may suck, but at least I don’t fuck dead people.
Sarah Dew [Sarah.E.Dew@fly.virgin.com] writes:
“I currently work with a chavette, she is truly awful, and her car is well its SHIT to say the least. A manky old white polo that she can’t park with burberry colours on her alloys (mmm alloys)!!!!! Someone should do us all a favour and put the bloody thing into the skip and get the shit chavette with the shit car off the road. I look forward to your reply “
Sounds like the bitch needs someone to smash her face in with a shovel. I suggest you do it without delay.
Mr Moore [no@hotmail.com] writes:
“What car do you drive then? Im sure my saxo vtr 1.6 could beat your Vauxhall Zafira or whatever you drive. Get a grip you must be one lonely loser to make a site like this. “
Another fucking Saxo driver?!? Look morons, it’s not big nor clever to drive a shitroen saxo. Bragging about it only shows the rest of the world how much of a sad wanker you are. Your 1.6 Saxo sounds like the sort of shit that couldn’t beat me if I were driving in reverse, in either of my cars. Go home, fuck your mother like you do every night then overdose on glue. Cock jockey.
mr x [farmerjoe2@hotmail.co.uk] writes:
“ill race you in your bmws you twats no shit about cars race a vts saxo in your bmws then will see hows haveing a laugh losers your to old go home and smoke your pipe losers lol “
I can barely understand what this illiterate cock stain is attempting to communicate. I think he’s saying he drives a Saxo, and has a penis the size of a cocktail sausage. Plus he likes to fuck his boy friend in the ass with his nose. Does that sound correct? Yes, I believe it does.
AB [dragon0192@hotmail.com] writes:
“Hey, i accidentally posted the wrong car on the website, i posted a saxo, it was meant to be a peugeot, can you remove and let me repost it”
No, dipshit.
Karl [kronic242@hotmail.com] writes:
“…I drive a Saxo VTS; which I might add is completely standard. I think you’ll find on your homepage you talk about your BMW’s. Im afraid to tell you that BMWs up to 325’s get outpaced by a Saxo VTS.”
Another Saxo driver, you fuckwits must be roaming in packs… hang on, you do roam in packs, and hang out in Maccy D’s car parks with your acne ridden, argos jewelry clad girlfriends. Losers. Oh yeah, I’m constantly being ‘outpaced’ by Saxos and find myself longing for the sheer power of a dodgy French hatchback. You fucking wanker.
LikehellI’dtellyoumyname [LikehellI’dtellyoumyname@ihatebmws.com] writes:
“Why the hell would you slate saxo’s? Just because there are silly chavs that put ridiculous body work on etc does not mean the car is shit. And as for laughing at peoples cars just because you have a BMW; I bet your mummy and daddy bought you it anyway so you are the worst of all drivers”
You drive a saxo… and are proud of the fact? Dude, you scrotum sucking cock gobbler. That has to be the worst car of all time. As for my BMW, I bought it with the money I made from you wankers on this website. Cheers!
Martyn [martynb@hattrick.com] writes:
“I am a researcher for a new TV programme soon to be aired next year. I absolute love a selection of your pictures & would like to put them forward for possible use on the show. To do that I need to clear the pictures with whoever it is that owns them. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Martyn Black.”
Dude, use what you like. The sad cunts who own these cars wouldn’t know how to give you permission, or even speak in a coherant way for that matter. Please, take the pics and piss as much as you like. You have my blessing.
me [ceri.dyer@ntlworld.com] writes:
“fair enough u might think my car is shit have’nt seen ur car though u obviously have not got taste but i would like u to blank out my number plate or if thats to technical for u remove the car off the site cause it is not a shit car the car is toyota starlet S904 AAR on page 4”
You were doing so well until you confessed to owning a Toyota Starlet. How in the name of Satan’s knob cheese can you seriously say a Toyota Starlet isn’t shit??? You dumb sister-fucking twat.
your the chav!!! [nmjdncvjsdklcbwe@hotmail.com] writes:
“YOUR SITES A LOAD OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I’m the chav? Funny how I can converse with proper grammar while you seem unable to string a single sentence together isn’t it, you cum dripping goat’s cock?
Lawrence Robinson [larryvladimirrubenstien@yahoo.co.uk] writes:
“Great site, love it. Is the angry looking guy in the suit at the top of every page the guy who writes the comments about the shit cars or is he a model. I only ask cos he sure looks angry and such a look of anger could only ever be caused by looking at/ thinking about a modded up 1 litre Nova with four chavs inside.”
That’s uncanny, I was indeed thinking of a 1 litre Nova with four chavs inside, and the guy is me.
fatbaldbloke [fatbaldbloke@barryboys.co.uk] writes:
“A very original site you have here. I wonder where you found your inspiration? Nice busy forum too.”
oooooh, you’re ‘ard. My inspiration comes from the morons who fuck up their cars. I am aware of the barry thing site, now. This site has been here a while, you cock sucking towel of wank. Forums require people to remember their email AND a password, so the average user of this site is well fucked, as they can barely speak. Prick.
james (u might now me) [thatguywithblackhair@hotmail.com] writes:
“this site is fuckin amazing those chav cunts will be steaming when they see there ‘solid’ beasts being put down for what they really are: fuckin shit piles of crap!!!!!!! ( oi chav you are a twat!)”
I don’t ‘now’ you at all James, but your views are appreciated. Glad someone feels I’m doing a valuable service here.
Mike [mentalmike@hotmail.com] writes:
“can u please remove the post on the escort with the big ford sign on the side as most of the posts are people slagging eachother with no mention of the car”
Yes, that one did get more out of hand than usual, but then these chavscum need somewhere to go when Halfords is shut. That Escort is really fucking shit too.
SOCIETY [rs.ole@hotmail.com] writes:
“great site guys, laughing at these mechanical assholes will give me hours of amusement. and to the car owners, your twats, leave your festering shit boxes alone and do society and our economy a favour and kill yourelves. CHAV WANKERS!!!!!”
Wise words there rs.ole, wise words indeed.
Steve [steve.blades@msn.com] writes:
“I think you have a very good site with alot of shit cars might I add! I have a couple of images if you are interested? Thanks,”
Don’t fucking talk about it, do it. Wanker.
Chris [chris.fowkes@bwbd.org] writes:
“Dear sir / Madam, Hello I am Chris Fowkes one of the directors for Black Widow Business Developments Ltd, I am writing to you regarding the different services we offer and to find out about your current IT / Web situation. Black Widow offer several services which you may be interested in using. These include: Web Hosting, Web Design, PC Installation & Support, Networking Solutions, IT Training, Software Development. I was wondering if you are looking to implement or change any of the above in your company, if so would it be possible for us to give you a quote for the work required. If you have any questions regarding any of the above services please don’t hesitate to contact me.”
WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON??? This is a website about shit cars you dumb fucking moron, does it look like we need IT Support Solutions??? For fucks sake, you wankers really need to sort yourselves out. Black Widow you say? Hopefully you’ll all be fucking killed by a black widow and the world will be a more intelligent place for it… twat.
JEREMY CLARKSON [jeremy.clarkson@bbc.co.uk] writes:
Something tells me you’re not the real Clarkson, for one thing you’re too literate.
Lawson [bboy_nocturnal@hotmail.com] writes:
“yes some of the cars on this site are a heap of shit, but some are actualy good cars, and just if u mod a car up doesnt automatically put u as a chav, i suggest you sort through ur archives seen the site is called ‘your car is shit’ and delete the good ones, should be called ‘this site is shit”
Thanks for your valuable feedback Lawson, however you seem to have me confused with someone who gives a flying fuck about your opinions. I assure, I do not. But again, thanks.
No Name [No Email] writes:
“your copy right has expired, i might use your logo and your web address
“im going to try and hack into this site over the next couple of weeks, unluckly!!!!! “

Two seperate emails from the same prick. We’re honoured to receive your scrawls in much the same way as the police are delighted to receive messages from serial killers. So you’re going to ‘hack’ into our site are you prick? Good luck with that, you’ll find hacking requires coding knowledge, which in turn requires the ability to spell. That’s you fucked then innit? Stick to ‘hacking’ in through pensioner’s windows and mugging them for their pension money, you stain on society.
Thomas [twlavin@hotmail.co.uk] writes:
“Dear tosser, I dont know how old you are but sadly over the past two days I have been reading and looking at the posts on this web site. You havent got a clue what a good and bad car is. You are a fucking ball sack licker. O and im 14 years old, and most of the chav pricks on here couldnt name the car from the picture without my help. Your website will be reported and shut down within 14 days, have a nice day. Fucking chav sucking merkin.”
Gee Thomas, you kiss your mother with that mouth? Actually, you probably lick her arsehole with that mouth. Good luck shutting our website down, I look forward to your slack jawed efforts. One last thing, fuck off shit steeler!
Terry [blowuk@hotmail.co.uk] writes:
“mate.what a fucking site , never seen so much shit in one place , if i ever meet ya im gonna buy ya a beer , you’re top man in my book”
Cheers for the kind words Terry, it’s always nice to hear from someone who appreciates the shitter things in life. We’ll aim to photograph as many shit cars, and expose as many tasteless chavs as we can… mine’s a Guinness by the way!
Robert Jung [info@shitcars.de] writes:
“Dear webmaster, Some weeks ago, we have started a german pendant to your great site “yourcarisshit.com”. It’s called “shitcars.de”. We would be very flattered if we could get you as foreign-country partner for our site. Of course, we will feature you on our blog and set a link to your site. We look forward to receive answer, soon. Warm Greetings out of cold Germany, Robbatse (“the tesa-strip tuner”) :)”
Fantastic. It’s great to hear from people all over the world who like to tell chavs that their cars are shit, and we’re stoked that we’ve inspired another website. Hopefully we can spread to global domination, with chavs everywhere being told just how utterly shite their motors are. Great work Robert, spread the word! Check out Robert’s website now, and tell German chavs that their cars are also, shit – www.shitcars.de
Paul Wollaston [admin@corsa-b.co.uk] writes:
“I have been made aware you are linking pictures from the site www.corsa-b.co.uk All images contained on that site are copyrighted; therefore you are posting without permission. Under the TOC of my hosting contract, images may only be posted by there original uploaded, and all images posted to 3rd party sites without the owners permission is in breach of the copyright. Therefore I am kindly asking you to remove all image and links towards Corsa-B.co.uk immediately to prevent further action. Thanks Corsa-B Admin”
Obviously Paul, we take this kind of thing very seriously and this was passed to our team of lawyers. After much deliberation they said ‘Fuck the wankers at Corsa-B, they’re a bunch of cunts’.This surprised us somewhat, but then they are cheap lawyers. We don’t ‘link’ pictures from anywhere. Do you even know what you’re talking about? Doubtful, you do own a corsa… twat.

jarome tomlinson [jezie_t@msn.com] writes:
“dis web site is shit n u aint got no taste in cars u silly cunts if u got somthing 2 say come n say it 2 me face !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
I would say it to your face Jerome, but sadly I don’t want to get too close to pikey twats like you. Therefor, I shall say it here, you’re a twat.
David Burton [d_j_burton@hotmail.com] from Birmingham
David didn’t email us as such, but he has constantly criticised our website both from a design point of view and a content point of view. David has built some websites himself, bless, and guess what? They’re shit. We won’t link to them as we don’t want to give out the backlinks (something David wouldn’t understand, but it’s one of those things that makes this site successful). Thanks for all of your comments David, but you’re a talentless fuck, so piss off.
Matt [DJ_Squire@hotmail.com] writes:
“I was quite enjoying this site until you revealed that you in fact drive a red German gay hairdresser’s car. Perhaps if you owned a better piece of Bavarian motor or a real driver’s car you wouldn’t need to use such excessive swearing in your reviews and use the word Gay as a derogatory term. I only hope the hosting account you’ve put this insulting piece of web rubbish on expires soon and you’re too lazy to renew it.”
Thanks for your comments Matt, it means a lot to us that you’ve been enjoying the website. Sadly our hosting account is unlikely to expire as we own the server, and all of the sites hosted on it. Apologies if the swearing seemed excessive, and offended your delicate sensibilities, but it was necessary to communicate the point across to those who only speak in that dialect – namely the chavs. If my BMW seems gay to you, perhaps it’s because you’re a cunt?