this car is so shit it is worse than a rover metro
11 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.64 out of 10 (11 votes, average: 6.64 out of 10, rated)

look at this chav
14 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 1014 votes, average: 6.50 out of 10 (14 votes, average: 6.50 out of 10, rated)

Styles says: Thats MAD! Nice car man
Rich B says: whats wrong with it?
David says: That is one awesome looking Skyline. Obviously whoever submiited that car is a poor corsa driving twat who can't afford one!!
Lee says: Your site is shit
rb25 says: I know the person that owns this car and its far from fucking chav... this car eats a lot of high powered super cars.... what twat submited this ?
Mark C says: You're an arsehole, and I mean that genuinely. You Z3 driving little twat. Nice skyline btw says: Very nice looking Skyline. Jealous?
Steve says: I can`t beleive how crap this site is! How can a skyline be a chavs car? Who ever put it on here is an arsehole.
Skyline79 says: What a car!!!! What twat submitted that? thats right a "chav" that carnt afford one. Go get a job and work for it like the rest of us do.
Mandyn says: Skylines Rock -how dare you insult this car?! it's bloody gorgeous. Not feeling jealous are we? show us a pic of YOUR car.
Awesome says: That car is awesome, seen it and its far from slow or chavvy.......... Me think some bumboy is jealous...pmsl........... Go jump of a bridge or sumat gayboy, pmsl.....
Si says: Can't beleive some tosspot thinks the skyline is chav,they changed the rules of motorsport to ban them from racing,whoever sibmitted it is a feckwit.
speedr33per says: i went to germanys nurburgring with him and his car is stunning and he is a top bloke
Daz says: Actually wankers I drive a Toyota Celica VVTLi T Sport. I didn't add this Skyline here, I rarely look at this site unless someone calls me out, like now. This Skyline is a nice car, but it's staying on here because someone wanted to add it. That's what this site is for, discussion on whether a car is shit or not. Keep the cotent coming.
I suck cocks says: what a cock you are you ugly inbred cunt, get a life
Dave also sucks cocls says: What a crap site. You obviously have no idea what a good car is. Prick! says: Toyota Celica VVTLi T Sport, hmm would that be front wheel drive? torque steerings a bitch, particularly in the wet. Of course if you were actually to understand the mechanics of driving you would realise the irony of a "performance" car with drive at the front. Taste is a personal thing, opinions are different, but slagging other people(s cars) just makes you a target.
foz says: you twat! everybody knows and loves skylines! daz the spaz aint got a clue!
Daz says: Careful Hesh, leave me a comment like that and I might just find your email and post it - oops!
Daz says: Also, once again for the retards among us - I have never said a word against Skylines. This site is used by a lot of people.
sadfuckers says: I agree that is the ugliest honk rag piece of shit I have seen for a while. Who the fuck would drive that, let alone own it. Let me guess 23 years old living with Mummy and Daddy, working for £30,000 a year at some shit job (hence the shit car). You should have tried harder at school and got a decent car. Sad twat.
bob says: who ever designed this website had too much time on ther hands...... says: be my guest, unlike others i have several mutually exclusive acounts, and they are all interchangeable. says: oh yes and sooo nice of you to evidently post that you can dish the dirt but duck for comver the minute someone able to standup and argue coherrently shows houses anyone?.......
Fuck u daz, please for I am gay says: Daz u are just the type of person that makes england shit! u even slag people off that use your web site- not just people that dont agree with what you say on here. i see that you must be one of these people that is too under educated to be able to do more with his life than sit at a desk all day and belittle other people and there cars.i pity u mate- u must have such a sad existence
Daz says: Hesh, you can’t even spell, let alone argue coherently. Since when have I ever ducked for cover? I run websites that encourage this, I’m hardly hiding pig dick.
Daz says: As for ‘fuck you daz please for I am gay’ – nice name by the way. I’m not English, England is shit for a great many reasons, and I’m not one of them. I’m under educated am I? As my profile is so public on this Interweb thing you can easily find how just how under educated I am. PS, you’re a cunt.
Hesh blows goats says: Daz if youre not ducking for cover then surely you would have no objections with address and number getting posted on your own site?? after all.. like you said youre just the site owner with nothing to hide from right?
Hesh blows goats says: Daz.. your blog is an interesting read.. ever wondered why all those things in 'rants' always happens to you....?
Daz says: ... and still the morons keep coming, posting here, reading my blog, giving me backlinks. I couldn't buy this kind of coverage. Internet marketing is frickin' easy with so many tossholes around willing to be goading into sending me traffic. It's cold here, I think I'll throw another tenner on the fire.
skyline owner says: u no wot i have a skyline as well as other cars and there shit and i big daz up hes the man dont give a shit jus reminds me of me DAZ your big and fuck them haters rate mine i agree there shit but fast my m3 is beta 2 drive infact my recovery truck is beta and if u want 2 giv it 2 me i come take ur chav motor and scrap it big up daz 2 da max
Black Dog says: This car is only cool if you live (and stay) in Essex. Cross the county border and it's instantly crap. Stay at home and help mum & dad run their pub son!
BGB says: This is far from a chav car, a) its a Skyline and b) chavs can't afford jap cars!
Dave says: you dateless fuckwitt....this site is tosss
HARRY says: sup ppl im a cahv and i can afford that easly
name says: name of site is your car is shit so if ur car is on then it must be accordin to daz of which puttin the liner on was big mistake u lost ur cred
Mags says: Skyline owner, what the fuck are you babblin' on about?M3 better than a skyline??? maybe if you have 1 of the newer M3's, but i doubt it.I dont believe you even own a skyline or you wouldn't have posted these comments
jim says: why you all dis d cars bet u who dis them dont even av a car
marttyn says: You are well cool you fuck you have no idea how good hat car is
Big Black Dick Wedged Inside Your Mums Tight Fanny says: This ricer car is shit. The owner needs to seriously die.
Skyline fan says: Err it's a skyline great cars, insurance is high though.

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