Factory RS Turbo
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Someone has fucked this once fine car.
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Golf gti says: Would try to put this car back into its original state as it does not look to be too "bastardised" to me. Would lose the naff 4 headlamp look and would put the original 9 spoke v.w alloys back on it. And you have a nice car again.
boo says: Damn car has been ruined by its wanker owners. Look at those shit alloys the idiots put on it.
Alan...gsi16v says: You would also need to fit a 16v engine as the 8v engine is pants. This would give you an extra 35bhp str8 away. de-cat the exhaust system another 7-8 bhp. (you put the cat back on when it goes for its m.o.t) and take it str8 back off again. cat converters should be banned. They suck. I know they are good for the enviroment and shit like that but in 100years time when it goes fuck I wont care then anyway lol.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: big gay al, only the early mk3 gti's are 8v's the rest of them are 16v's. noo. thats the gay way of getting power.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: i almost forgot, nice way to spoil a golf gti, i your going to buy cheap wheels for a volkswagen, leave the standard ones on
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: if*
Alan...gsi16v says: Taking the cat off the exhaust system is not the gay way of getting a few extra bhp GTI_1.8T_245bhp. The car will do a few more mpg. Plus it is not expensive. I am sure with the 8v engine that comes as standard in these cars there is very few ways you can cheaply up the bhp unlike the 1.8t version
: GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: of course it is you cheap shit, i would give you probably an extra 2bhp, and half a mile an hour off the top end, i could do that by half filling the tank, the 2.0 8v were used only on the very first year the model came into production, then they were re-placed by 2.0 16v units. do you call a £1000 stage-3 revo-tecknic superchip cheap? or a garett gt28 ball- bearing turbo cheap? a golf v6 4motion full exaust system cheap? thought not..
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: i could go on but your just to fucking stpid
Alan...gsi16v says: No what I said was GTI_1.8T_245bhp THERE IS NO WAY TO UP THE POWER CHEAPLY ON THE 2.0 8V VERSIONS OF THIS CAR unlike the 1.8t engine where you can do a lot to up the power. The 8v engines are very limited to what you can do to them. I am not to stupid to understand what you are talking about. We are talking the same language. YOU CANT CHEAPLY UP THE POWER ON THE 8V 2.0LITRE ENGINES IN THESE CARS. And the 16v version only produces an extra 35bhp in standard form up from 115bhp to 150bhp. That might have been o.k in 1996 when this car was out but time moves on. A shitty little renault clio 182 produces 182bhp in standard form. A spunky renault megane 225 belts out 225bhp in standard form. If you buy a mk3 gti it must be a 16v version otherwise you will get toasted by DIESEL ford mondeos.I had a go of my mates 8valver and I was racing a mk4 diesel golf (not sure which version think it was the 1.9 gt tdi version) we were on the motorway and the traffic was busy. And he toasted me. Even in standard form your mk4 1.8t produces a respectable 180bhp and goes up to approx 138 mph.So why did you need the extra 65bhp for can I ask??
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: because ive got a turbo booster control which allows my turbo to work at 220bhp minimum, and 325bhp maxiumum, i found that running 245bhp to 255bhp is perfect because you can only use the 325bhp on straight roads, and where i live, there are no straight roads, and all the wheels do are spin into third gear, which is not big and not clever. but 245bhp is great, because i can smoke R32's, civic type-R's, and every other little boy racer around in my area, which makes me happy
Alan...gsi16v says: You have not got the fastest car in the world ffs. I have seen a sierra cosworth with 800 bhp NO BULL. I think it was featured on top gear once. They took it to a test track to test its speed it was clocked doing 207mph. If your car you own is what you say I well respect but there is always something better faster out there. Standard TVR sagaris etc etc would wipe the floor with your golf you are talking 0-60 in 3.7seconds standard factory car. Your golf is not the fastest car in the world so stop saying it is.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: did i say fuck all about my car being the fastest in the world? did i mention bugatti veyrons, mclarens f1's and jaguar xj220's? i thought not.. i meantioned, golf r32, civic type-R and all other little pussy boy racers consisting of saxo's, 106's, corsa's, rover 214 etc etc. yes you probably have seen a sierra cosworth with 800bhp, my dad has a sierra sapphire cosworth with 350bhp, he blew that up doing 170 on the m4 at 3 oclock in the morning... anyway.. yes my cars are fast, no they cannot beat ferrari's, tvr's, lamborghini's etc but they can sure as hell beat your car, and most of the popular cars on the road today. exept when i sometimes come across an audi Rs4 thinking its a 1.8t, or a mercedes cl65 amg thinking its a 320, of course, i get shat on
Alan..gsi16v says: I am only having a bit of a joke on GTI_1.8T_245bhp ffs. I actually like v.w,s (who does not) they are well made reliable comfy to ride in and safe. You can sometimes lose the reliabilty of a car when you try to push the power up to far. I cant understand why your dads cossy blew up because in standard factory setting the power on these cars was around 227b.h.p. Was it chipped up to 350bhp. I bet he had to change the oil/sparkplugs VERY often I heard they can oil up on these engines when you chip them.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: i know what your saying, naa he found out after wards the his intercooler ceased up and wasnt sucking in air, that was back in 1994 lol, naa it was a sapphire saloon version, not the rs500 coupe, about 204bhp standard if i remember correctly, it was orginally chipped to 280bhp, and then he did something else to it which i cant remember exactly
as says: ok, as i wipe the vomit from my face, i'll cancel that deal to buy a mk3 golf!!!
Mags says: This car doesn't look that bad, especially if the owners was working to a budget. I've seen a Supra with 800 BHP & a Skyline.
David Gillmooore says: I agree with the first comment but I would also remove the aluminium aerial and replace it with a standard one or a small black one (like the beestings).

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