mazda 2
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A shit french car with an exaust coming out of the front of the car. I think it should be going into the side window to gas the owner of this total shit car.
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Jvc says: This car is the best r5 I have ever seen. I love the body kit on this car
mark says: jvc u r a fukin wank stain this person has completly ruined a r5 gtt
Jvc says: If you took your small penis out of your dads arse for just one second mark you would see that this car looks BETTER than renaults attempt to make a sporty hot hatch. I mean in standard form these cars look bland the owner of this car has made it look mint with the bodykit on. You nob.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: JVC are another one o those dull twats? the renault 5 gt turbo was never a car to be spoiler and modified, just like nobody should modify a focus st, or a golf R32, or an astra vxr, because as soon as you 'do them up' they could be a 1.1 an nobody would know any different, and what a piece of shit this car is, and those volkswagen bora headlamps look shite as well
Jvc says: Have you seen the mark 1 renault 5 turbo in standard form, they looked sweet and are worth a fortune. Have you seen a mark 2 version of this car in standard form GTI_1.8T_245bhp they look a bit boring and a bit naff and are worth mmmmm fuck all. The owner of this car has just tried to add some personality to it. I agree with you 100% on nobody should add extras on mint cars like the astra vxr or the golf r32 or even GTI versions because they are sweet you cant improve perfection. As for the focus st oh dear oh dear a future chav mobile if ever I saw one. I would rather have a crappy corsa or a wank shitron than a Fix.Or.Repair.daily(F.O.R.D) They are wank in ALL forms. And the "sport" versions ALL seem to turn into pleb cars e.g xr2 xr3 xr4x4 ALL now chav cars.
jvc says: Why???
boo says: Fuck knows. I do tend to agree the ST does look chavvy, however arsewanker chavs cant even afford a fucking reliant robin, nevermind an ST. An ST in standard form looks good and not over the top. Like GTI_1.8T_245bhp says when you add extra crap onto good cars it ruins them. BTW, this car looks utter bollocks, yes thats right, its a pile of freaking shit. And why do i get the feeling that JVC is actually big gay al but under a new name and now supporting faggy renaults. Bite me
Alan...gsi16v says: Actually I like Ford Focus st. As long as it is not a 5dr version they look wank. The orange colour that ford makes in 3dr version looks cool as fuck. I would not piss on a r5 if it was on fire, as for the one in the picture it looks fucking shit.
jvc says: I just think that For the same money as a brand new ford focus st you could have hired 355 £50 prostitues. It would have been better value for money boo. BTW I had a £50 prossie suck my c..k this afternoon.
boo says: OR you could actually get a REAL lass and buy the ST at the same time. Makes sense really
Jvc says: pmsl I have one lol, It is just I like f..king prossies as well. If you give me 18 grand and said either buy a ford focus st that will be a future chav mobile OR spend the money on prossies I would rather spend the money on prossies and buy a R5 turbo. hahaha
Jvc says: Or a vauxhall calibra 2.0i 16v Turbo 4x4 boo. You can pick a mint one of these up for about a grand now. That is still 17 grand change left out of a new focus st, Just think what you could spend that on 340 £50 prossies mmmmmmmmm. Lovely!!!!!!!!!
Jvc says: I bet I could buy a better car for £18 grand than a fucking ford focus ffs. Audi A3 bmw 1 series mini cooper S convertable. Or I think I would have tried to find the extra couple of grand and bought a V.W golf gti 2.0 A better car alltogether.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: hahahahaha you dickwad, a focus st is better than all of those cars you just said, bmw 1 series? arghh wtf were bmw thinking? audi a3's are just volkswaen golfs, mini cooper s convertible, you fucking hairdresser, even though i love the new golf gti 2.0 turbo, i think id still have the focus st
Jvc says: I recon the the new golf gti DSG 2.0T is better than a ford focus st. Yes the focus has a 2.5litre engine and yes the focus has more power but the extra 500c.c,s only gets it from 0-60 0.1 second faster???. Build quality golf wins hands down. focus st=chav boy racer image golf gti turbo= high class ooozes style says the owner is a thinking man. In a few years time as the prices come down you will see chavs with burberry caps on driving ford focus st,s. Think I would have rather had second hand vx220 vxr turbo 0-60 in 4.2seconds now you are talking mint car.
boo says: I agree with some points. I've been in a MK5 Golf GTI and they are damn fine cars and nice and powerful. I don't agree with the ST becoming a future boy racer car for 2 reasons (a) wanker chavs won't be able to afford insurance on it. (b) ST's won't depreciate in value as much unlike faggy corsa's, nova's and french shite like renaults and shitrons. Also, top end MK2 focus'es and the ST range are not poor build quality, but one won't know that would you, because you've been learning to drive in your dads battery powered buggy. In fact you was spotted driving in it. I will post the pic here for everyone to see.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: naa man, do you see chavs driving escort cosworths? or sierra cosworths? or focus rs's? naa man, you think thats quick you clearly have never been in a noble m400, 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, fookin-ellll
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: haha probably looks just as wankish =]
as says: ==WHAT==> ==THE==> ==FUCK==>
mrrr says: I think you are all a load of tossers and know absolutely fuck all about cars, sorry I stand corrected...At least you said the Renault above was shite
fastford says: JVC What a load of shite u talk as anybody over the age of 17 never talks about 0-60 its not relevant to performance at all, bet u dont even have a car!
rtr says: twaaaaaaaaaat
Simon says: Yawwwwnnnn.......
Simon says: Just one comment as I awake.... All of the cars listed above are better than your shite website ;-)
luke says: the R5 front is too much in your face
cian says: At least the window is open, you can piss into it if you like...
rg says: fuck my old boots
littleracer says: what a knob wank website,the owner i think is a chav!
andy says: jvc is obviously a complete nob head with his head up his arse. The car is a complete piece of shit owned by a cunt.
Sloppy Balls says: If I was driving along and saw this rusted turd coming up behind me I'd move over out of fear. It looks like it has been purposefully designed for hoovering up the road as it goes along. Seriously one of the most horrendous cars I have ever seen, I hope the owner just fucks off and dies.
Quin says: God darn English tea drinking bastards.
Quin says: God darn English tea drinking bastards!

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