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My vauxhall corsa gsi project. Say anything bad about my car I will track you down and kick your fucking ass.
7 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 107 votes, average: 9.71 out of 10 (7 votes, average: 9.71 out of 10, rated)

Jim the Farmer says: Are the White bits tip-ex or Poly Filla?
boo says: LMFAO, send it back to the scrapyard
Alan...gsi16v says: This is my vauxhall corsa boo, it has a powerful 2.0 litre "red top" engine fitted and a stage 2 head. It is up to 175bhp at the wheels. I bet it will burn your shitty fiesta zetec into the ground.
boo says: Yeah yeah ass wipe, swap the fiesta zetec for the 2.5 litre focus st with bluefin and your fucked 20 times over, you stupid twat
Alan...gsi16v says: A focus 2.5st then you woke up looked out of your bedroom window and on your drive was your m regestration fiat cinquecento with its 900 c.c engine and its plastic wheel trims you bought from poundstrecher for £6.99 a set held on with cable ties. You have fitted a naff body kit that you made yourself out of poly filla.
boo says: LMAO, you make me laugh. Knowing that i will beat your heap of junk chav car easily is great satisfaction to me. You see I have brains to buy something decent, not a heap of shite corsa - project car or not - that will still end up being a piece of shit when its finished.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: ermmmmm...... YOUR CAR IS SHIT!! whoops.. i slipt... sorry bro... please dont track me down and kick my ass... im shaking in my boots.. id like to you try and catch me in that piece of shit for a start... and what the fuck is that plastic pile of bollocks you call a car? you could of at least sprayed the kit the same coulour as the car so it doesnt look like its been tip-ex'd white and then stuck on with sellotape, and you could of put some at least 17" wheels on it so it would look like youve just pinched the chassis of a shopping trolley and bolted the shell to it.. and why the hell would you post a picture of you own car on a website called 'YOUR CAR IS SHIT!'? you fucking gromm
boo says: Oh yeah never saw the title. Pretty sad threating people over the internet don't you reckon alan, you must be a lonely person. What else do you want to people to say about your heap of shite, that its the best car in the world.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: dont copy the HAHAHAHAHAHAH! part lol
boo says: ...Haha, top find there FBB, budget Barry at his best.......what a LOSER!... hahaha about sums this piece of shit up really
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: sorry, but it deserves every bit of abuse thats coming to it lmao
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: how old are you alan?
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: and im actually having doubts to wether this is actually your car, considering some guy who was at mini show and found it in the carpark, and its the same photo, why the fuck would you lie about owning such a bollocks car?
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: and the fact that its an sri, not a gsi, dumbshit
boo says: Yeah just noticed the sri badge on the sides and indeed the same photo. There was some dude on the st owners forum that said he got such and such a car and dropped a v8 in it, only for the exact same car was on ebay and he claimed to own it. Its probably the same guy.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: haha what a sad fucker, theres some stupid people around these days, i mean, why would anyone pretend they had such a shit car in the first place? and garanteed the 'owner' wont reply to this because we've just stumped the fuck out of him, haha
boo says: OWNED loool
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: haha fucking awsome, BOO your a fucking legend mate
boo says: I think we broke him lol
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: haha big style man
white van man says: ooooh!!! The sad fucker that owns this one must've spent an absolute fortune on those modifications! Sad cunt.
Chav Killer says: Oh dear god thats terrible how can you go out in that. You should be ashamed of your self kid go away an hide...forever please just go
bmw says: you think ur car's fast, try an '03 BMW 330i m-sport, suck on that bitches!
bmw says: Alan...gsi16v and boo, you can both go fuck yourself, just fuckin try and beat me, with all that fibre glass on your car its top speed is probably only 12mph, whereas mine is limited to 155mph, so far ive only taken it to 125mph, but im getting there. so suck on that motherfuckers!
bmw says: *fibreglass
bmw says: also my car can seat 5 and carry a dog in the boot, as well as a lot of luggage, whereas yours can probably only seat two cos of all the fake speakers and amps youve put in the back.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: i realise you didnt mention my car 'BMW' ive clocked my golf at 159mph with my boost settings to 270bhp (ive got an adjustable pressure boost system variable to 325bhp) but i usually run 245bhp as it eliminates turbo lag, oh yeah, and a focus st will smoke your arse aswell, way to much torque in the mid-range for you boy. and stop trying to make us sound impressed because you have a bmw, it doesnt work. its just makes everybody think you have a very small penis
bmw says: this coming from you, boasting about how fast your golf is on just about every page of comments, this makes me wonder whether you actually have a penis. plus my other car is a land rover defender, which could fucking crush your shitty golf.
bmw says: also im taking the limiter off next week. finally, did u take your golf to 159 on a normal road, or a rolling road?
man-man says: i have to agree with bmw on some bits, GTI_1.8T does seem to talk about how good his car is everywhere. also i doubt a real golf gti could get that fast, its probably his imaginary car that he drives every night in his dreams, and then wakes up in the morning with a miniscule lump in his trousers, where they assume his penis is (they still haven't found it)
mahoy says: LOL, crush it, it'll look much better
says: It's always good to see Philadelphia cheese spread can be put to effective use when trying to smooth sideskirts into arches, as displayed on that wonderful example
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: It was actually down the M4 at 3 in the morning, coming back from cardiff. of course all of the panels where still on the car, it didnt even get twitchy just got a slight wiggle under braking, same underpinnings as an R32 minus the four wheel drive system. yeah i must be honest i do boast about my car quite alot, but that because i have a decent car, which is more than can be said for half of the other reckless pieces of shit on here
furr says: gotta love the mixed 3 and 5 spoke alloys, what is there on the other side? 5 and 7 spokers? or steelies?
ZZZ says: girls.girls.girls.stop wobling on about your shit heep trollys.why dont you give your cars to comic relief.they can do with a laugh
rob says: to gti , yuor a wank.. i work 4 vw and it aint the same underpinnings..where the fuck you looking? r32 has been double seemed. as for a 1.8 putting out 245 brake. what a cock.. the r32 is only 225bhp atw. you should of bought a focus st instead and saved yourself the hasstle of stage 3 ing it. what a waste of money.
rob says: as well adjustable pressure boost valve?? what the fuck is that? do you not mean youve got a blled valve on your 150bhp 1.8gti.?? even the fuckin diesel is quicker than one of those. ive blown many away in a diesel mondeo chipped to 168bhp.
rob says: gti boy, i been reading ur posts and i have to say your a moron.sri and gsi are the trim level..theres no direct relationship between the trim level and what engine is in it. that is a piece of shit, but i have owned a 2.0 turbo vectra sri, which was pants, and also a cavalier 2.0 gsi..its the fuckin trim level you plank.. again amateur bullshit seems to spill from ur mouth.
rob says: TORQUE RULES
rob says: bmw is the killer in this room.. the 330 twin turbo diesel would have been better though.nice one mate , DIESEL rules
petayV8 says: haha golf GTI makes me laugh everytime, and for him to compare is FWD 4 cylinder turbo to a 5 and 6 cylinder is very foolish, well on the road anyway and rob i like diesels too but not 4 cyclinder ones, dont get me wrong to produce 168hp out of such a small engine is impressive but if you look at the bigger picture 168bhp isnt alot, an in line 6 diesel for example can produce 1000bhp with the right mods and you say a 330 twin turbo diesel would be better? a 330 twin turbo petrol EVEN better, diesel isnt everything
Wolfgang Et says: Wow man, I wouldn't even shit in this car. Do you drive with paper bags over your face? Bet you wouldn't want to be recognised in piece of shit. I hope you didn't pay for that car. Personally I would rather walk around with a dick on my head than drive that bag of shit. You should have gone to spec savers.
David Gilmoore says: If anyone thinks the uploader is the owner of the car then clearly you don't understand the definition of 'trolling'. Regardless, I will say that the actual owner of the car is a lump of baboon fecal matter. Located somewhere nice and safe in my home are several syringes, one of them is full of AIDs and the other is full of used engine oil. Why have I got these you might ask? Well, I save them for people like the owner of this car.. I like to jab people with 'em and then attend the hospital while they're on their deathbed. I then personally remove any innocence their mother's had, and while pounding the fuck outta their mother's I look at 'em in the eyes, laugh, and then jab there mother with AIDs or used engine oil. It seems a bit cruel, but the state of Britain today means it's a necessary evil. There are far too many chav bastard cunts around these days.
Wizards Sleeve says: Well I've got a Honda Cr-v ... just thought I'd put it out there to stoke your inferiority complex(es) :-)
John says: A nice red Tessla 3 will rip you all off 0-60 in 2.4 sec. very comfy and safe he he
Ivor Biggun says: A rent boy's car.
Davy Burn says: This is a shambles. I haven't seen work as shite as this for a long long time. Total toss.

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