What can I say about this? Your can is shit mate!
10 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 1010 votes, average: 6.40 out of 10 (10 votes, average: 6.40 out of 10, rated)

Now dude, this is NOT the car to take to a car show... a wreckers yard perhaps, but not a fucking car show.
9 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 10 (9 votes, average: 4.44 out of 10, rated)

dmr says: golf gti ur funny
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: actually id like to see your saxo's and fiesta's smoke one of those, thats an mondeo st220, hence 220bhp, and theres an St tdci 150, which would still smoke most of your cars, id have the st220
Golf GTI says: Of course this car will smoke ANY shitron saxo/fiesta zetec and my golf gti come to mention it. But it is still just a sales rep mobile on steroids.
boo says: Now I do like the mondy ST, however when you start adding ghey wings to it you spoil it.
Alan...gsi16v says: This car is rubbish my corsa would beat it as I have uprated the engine in it and it is belting out 175bhp at the wheels. Think about it 175bhp little car 220 bhp big car. It is not rocket science which one will be the fastest. If I had to have this ford I would fit a massive boot spoiler and fit a big bodykit on it. I also think it would look nice with a 4 headlight conversion and perhaps some fake exhausts 3 at each side. Now you are talking mint.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: HAHA i didnt realise it had a gay spoiler on it lol, haha.. its the gay kid with the corsa grannys car again.. let me ask you something.. do you know anything about cars? its not to do with the power, its the torque you dull worthless piece of shit, it would cane the fuck out of your car.. and put this into perspective, my mk4 GTI pulls 245bhp at the front wheels.. it can get from 30-90 in third gear quicker than a 996 model porsche 911 turbo because i have more mid range torque, and they have.. hmm.. let me think 450bhp? sure it will toast me from 0-60 in a straight drag race and obviously top end, but your 175bhp corsa probably has to much high end power which you couldd nver really put to half good use on a proper road
Alan...gsi16v says: I take it you like vw,s GTI_1.8T_245bhp... So can I ask just one question why did v.w make the mk3 and mk4 golf gti 8v with only 115bhp in standard form what was the thinking behind that a vauxhall vectra DIESEL will burn these cars off. G.T.I on these cars stands for God This car Is slow.. Yes of course you can uprate the engine to 245 bhp and more but if you buy a car that is expensive like a v.w. golf gti you should NOT be shelling extra money out for power. This comes as STANDARD with other makes of car. No answer to that one eh.
heh says: alan, your fucking wank little corsa is bollcoks, you could put a motherfucking jet engine in it - IT WILL STILL BE SHITE.
hohoho says: only people with small dicks drive corsa's
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: you fucking wank head, thats the 2.0 GTI (actually a 16v not a 8v) which is no better than the 1.6, i have a 1.8T you can either have a 150bhp or 180bhp standard, which mine started life as a 180, you clearly know NOTHING, so just do what you know is right, do some car reasearch, take your car down the scrap yard, when you actually learn something go and get yourself a half decent car
boo says: HAHAHA got to love big gay al's enthusiasm, the ST220 would shaft your puny corsa, even if it does weigh nearly 1.5 tons.
Alan...gsi16v says: I have done some car reasearch. v.w golf gti 2.0 8valve mk 3= a puny 115 b.h.p in standard form. My corsa is just a car I am doing up. I also own a bog standard 1998 yellow fiat punto 1.4GT turbo. When I see a mk3/mk4 golf 2.0gti 8v on the duel carrage way I like to zip infront of it slow down to 30/40 mph let it TRY to overtake me and then I floor it and laugh as it has to pull in behind me again, When we get back to our H.Q (yes it is a mac donalds car park SO WHAT)we have a good laugh about it. This to me is better fun than drink or drugs. I will post a picture of my corsa on here as soon as it is finished, it is going for a full respray on wednesday. I would not swop it for your v.w golf NO WAY. Like I said when you buy an expensive car like a v.w you should NOT have to shell out money for more power it came as standard with my punto 1.4GT turbo 0 to 60 in 7.6 seconds in STANDARD form. I did not have to shell out £2000+ making this car fast like you do when you buy a v.w golf 2.0gti 8valve.
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: have you figured out that i have a MK4, you dull piece of wank, thats because the 2.0 are a pile of donkey balls and are no better than the 1.6s, bellend, like i said, i have the MK4 1.8T, yes 'T' for 'TURBO' 180bhp, 'standard' you fucking gypsy chav, yeah but i bet your fiat punto piece of shit cant out pace a mitsubish evo 8 from 70-120, thats roughly where your car tops out, my will swagger along up to 156mph, suck my dick
ktp says: mondeo st thats a hell of a car the wreckers yard my bollocks
Mags says: My m8 has an ST, it's a lovely motor and I haven't noticed any Corsa's passing him whe we've been out in it. They can't get near enough to pass him.GTI_1.8T_245bhp
taz says: why dont alan boo whatever that is.and gti meet up and fuck each other up the ars you wankers.
petayV8 says: not a bad car, although its rivals are better as they are available with a V8 such as a A4 but its down to taste at the end of the day
petayV8 says: Alan just like every other chav you have the shittest taste in cars, a 1.4 turbo punto, what a joke and i feel sorry for you if you think a 2.0 is good, its SHIT and small and slow same is a 1.4 turbo. how can you think cars like you have are fast when we have V6's, V8's, Evo's etc in the world. get a grip of reality and like GTI 1.8T said your car is shit at high speeds as most 4 cylinders are
fuckindongwan says: Fuckin dip shit twat gti1.8turbo twat buy a r32 ya chav bastardo or carnt you afford one? I had a 1.8 turbo in 2001 when they were worth somthing they were shit then and even worse now!!!! The mk4 has been voted worse golf ever made lol and thats bad look how shit the mk3s are lol
David Gilmoore says: Hate to say but anyone who's ripping this car you clearly know fuck all about cars. This isn't a bog-standard 1.6 Zetec-SE Focus, it's an ST. They are very quick cars and even Top Gear praised this version of the Mondeo. Seriously, if you think this is chav then just fuck off before I decide to inject you with one of syringes I keep filled with AIDs.
David Gilmoore says: ...and before anyone tells me that this version of the Mondeo did not come with a Zetec-SE engine, bear in mind that the Duratec IS a Zetec-SE engine. Ford designated the Zetec name as a trim level, and carried out some minor enhancements to the reliable (and older) 'blacktop' Zetec-SE engine (which itself was an updated version of the older 'silvertop' Zetec engine, which itself was an updated CHV engine fitted with a DOHC 16v cyliner head and given multi-point sequential fuel injection. Fuck you, I know more than you about cars you nigger scum!
andy says: Just an old taxi which should have been crushed years ago. One of the shittiest cars Ford ever produced...a complete cunts car usually driven by a chav c/w baseball cap and tats, find them on your nearest council doley estate..

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