Bmw 318??
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When was the last time you saw a Shitroen Saxo for this amount of money? Now you know why we're pompus bastards - because we can afford better cars than you! ;)
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Oh for the love of god says: Can all of you beetle owners fuck off, we have proved that your cars anr fucking wank, the only reason this pile of shit is so overpriced is because it takes a special (thats special as in window licker) breed of tosspot aka the beetle owner to buy this shit, for christ sake i'v seen bloody pikeys with better cars that these, judjung from the photo looks like a bloody good place for a BOMB!!!
Wayne says: Nope, we're staying around just to piss you off so deal with it! ;)
silent man says: wayned may the 4th be with you
nemo says: vws are great they last for ages more than your crappy saxos
nemo says: p.s.the vw beetles are the best
says: No VW suck big style bar the mk2 golf GTI (standerd) any cunt who says other wise, proves the fact they cant afford owt better, and as for this picture pile of shit, its an inbred motor for inbred people who are the only daft cunt stuppid enough to pay that amount for it. DID YA BRING YA BANJO BAW!!!
Chris says: I'm very aware how shit saxo's, all ford's and vauxhalls are but that's a split screen samba for christs sake!...oh yeah obviously it's fucking obscenely shit...Nobbers
Chris B says: u lads need ur heads screwing on Dubs are for life u wouldnt udnerstand about people who look after cars and leave them standard, Maybe they are overpriced thats cos they are fucking rare, unlike fiestas saxos pug 106's and the rest of that shit that u see millions off with their shit lexus lights crappy spoiles naff wolfrace alloy wheels and shitt cherry bombs. try something original u dumb fucks !
rhysomk2 says: fuckin chavs get some style or die in a corner.that samba is pure beauty an any1 who says it aint can piss off id rather lick piss off stingy nettles than drive ur poxy chavtastic fibreglass crap.dubs 4 eva (rhys, owner of the mk2 gti, dubber til the day i die)
jizzer says: what a fucking crap site full of fucking chav shite ,you can stick with your fucking blue washer jets & goodmans stereo`s !!
polo04 says: every vw is a classic... all saxo's corsa's fiesta's escort's etc are bland peases of shit!!!!! with lex'ars lites and glued on mdf wing witch theve screwed of with brass 6" screws from b&q... all charvers should be shot..... and crushed with there wank styleless pesses of shit thay call cars.... if u sanded down the paint ud see mcviteas riton on the bonet.. btw id prefer to b in a vw in a crash! u will not suvice a crash in a saxo at 60mph lmao!!!! so fuk u allllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im a coper and hav seen loads of u wankers realy badly hurt and i pull u over in my t5! if funny as fuk... watching your face ass i ass rape u chavs for ur badly illegaly peace of shit..... aarrrrrrrrrrrr i feel better now lmao
Carl says: Dubs rule. Fuck the haters.
Chantuz says: Sex, Dubs and Rock N Roll baby!
mattmk1 says: long live VW's!!!!theyre awesome and better than any saxo rice crap you lot could afford with your plastic bumpers and shite yuorself a favour n screw over your shitroens and buy german
jacob says: vw's are great one of the most cars ever made
Wayne says: When was the last time you saw a fit bird wearing a T-shirt with a badly bodykitted Saxo or Nova or Corsa on the front? ;)
VW are shit says: Yesterday
VW says: You chavvy cunts with your saxos n corsas, fuck off, VW's rule and will wipe the floor with you little pussys anyday, take your fat jap exhausts and shove em up your arses u funny looking ugly chavvy bastards !
Wheeler says: The car is ace lol Tempting to recreate it lol But it has obviously been photoshoped, look above the boors.
Wayne says: Why do you think it's photoshopped? Check out how much Jamie bell-end Oliver's VW Samba went for (over £55k!) Jamie Oliver might be a bell-end but at least he has taste in cars/vans.
tom says: beetles are quite cool, but the camper van is probably one of the coolest cars on the road
rich says: i think vws rock but just 2 make convosation im gona pretend 2 h8 them cause its funny
rich says: vw are fat kunt wagons made 4 gay drugged up hippys who couldnt c how shit they really r
sb says: Saxo owners are Peasants!
sb says: Saxo £2k, 23 Window Samba £25k do the maths :)
GTI_1.8T_245BHP says: mwhahahaha the volkswagen crue are coming, id like to see you try and smoke my GTI with your 1.0 50bhp saxos with waste paper baskets for exausts pipes and your mothers ironingboards for spoilers and your £20.00 alba stereo systems for I.C.E install
v8 30lt 90000 BHP says: anyone who gives comes on this site calling them self 1.8 GTI 245BHP, must have a very small willy. couldnt you afford a decent engine 2lt or why not 3lt. Also VW are shit !!!!!
les dennis says: VW are shit, OUR SURVAY SAID...... 100000000000 points
liam_bettinson says: Campers rock! Anybody that says anything otherwise has got to be a chav, they always bring a smile to my face and feel proud to be a fellow dub owner...despite water/aircooled divide! Go put some more vents and pointless coffee table spoilers on your Clio
says: well this cunt is the voice of reason is'nt he. everyone who doesnt like these shit VW is a chav. You evere kissed a girl, son???
says: Your all a bunch of total cock munchers. Maybe when you grow up, get some pubes and wake the fuck up to the real world the maybe it will dawn on you there is more work on that car than your fucking house. Chav scum fuckers
chris says: tsssk tsssk, if only the nobs who frequent this site knew the real deal.. Dubs are modified yes, but not in a chav way you fucking tards..
GTI_1.8T_245bhp says: v8 30lt 90000 BHP, you piss taking stupid twat, if you realise, the mk4 2.0 gti only has 115bhp standard, thats out... you could never buy an mk4 golf with a 3.0 engine.. thats also out, dull cunt, maybe the 3.2 r32, or 2.8 v6 motion, but who need four wheel drive? i like have fun in an over powered front-wheel drive car, what do you drive? an 440cc daihatsu move? or a 50cc scooter? because you obviously know fuck all, and why did you snap? someone jelous? says: VW power, i had a mk 2 golf gti 1.8 6v and its better "unmodded" than a "pimped" saxo that spends its time in the macdonalds drive thru and halfords, i mean why hate the dubbd? just "coz they aint slammed and roling ON dubbs", naa m8 im driving my golf, ok so chavs go back to macdonalds and then take your "car" if you can call it that back to the scrapyard or carpark where you stole it from!!! says: i fink u will find that this split scren samba is wurth evry penny in tht price as theyre aint many in the original condition i no qwite a lot abowt vw bays and wedges
Midnight says: hahahahahahahahaha Loser!
Fuck all to do with you says: VW is the greatest mark in motoring history, just coz you 18 year old grandads in your fucking council house with poverty fags and dressed like cunts in your insipid french shit cars, you cant afford a VW so you dont like them, next time i pass your sqaulid hovel with you and your retard family sitting outside the front door on a flea bitten sofa with cheap beer cans in your hands i will stop my R32 and piss on your nan now fuck off and swear at and beat your dog ugly teenage bird! cunts
Golf gti says: Well said (please read the above post)
Vicker of Dibly says: All VW are shit. Fact. Got told me to spread the word in the parish VW are wank. end of story, dont try to answer back cause i wont care i'll be to busy burning Camper vans.
speckog says: i couldnt be arsed reading all them posts. nice splitty
White van man says: Hardly a chav car is it?!
oh for the love of god is a dumb fuck says: first, you really seem to be quite retarded, as this is not a beetle but a mk1 vw camper, i.e. one of the coolest vehicles around, plus they are expensive because they are very rare to find in good condition, so go back to your nova and stop complaining
man-man says: i dont suppose you dumb fucks realise that the VW group owns some of the best car manufacturers in the world, including Audi, Bentley, and Lambourghini
VW are wank says: VW are one of the shittest cars about especialy the split window samba van, FUCKING BURN THEM ALL
GreenGTI says: Jesus. This pic doesn't belong in here. Only a non-white person would want the pic of three classic VWs here. VW is a pretty good mark still like, they actually paid attention to how shit the mk4 and the fwd Beetle was and upped their game, good on them...
says: Vw campers rule,evryone else can go fist there asses!
furr says: so if VW are shit, then why are they one of the largest car manufacturers in the world incorporating many upmarket brands as well?
Mags says: A motoring legend and I want one.
pete-in-sacremento says: Hey you guys don't diss the vdub, i made loads of money exporting these things back to europe. I retired at 48 thanks to the Germans and English guys paying me $30,000 for a combi or a microbus then i made money on the shipping too.
Burt says: To furr
says: Dear fuck all,
Burt says: Look at the post from
Berry 21 says: Anybody who says volkswagen are shit, clearly dont have a fucking idea what theyre talking about!!! How many 50, 60 year old french, jap, american or any other cars are there driving around...? Fuck all thats because they werent built to last! You may not like the styling, but volkswagen got it right! There are millions!!! of classic volkswagens still on the road many years later, majority of which are used as daily drivers....why?? Because they are well built, simple and reliable! Anyone who cant see or understand these simple facts! then your a complete fucking moron. Im a professional, i know best! You are all wrong!

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