5 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 105 votes, average: 9.40 out of 10 (5 votes, average: 9.40 out of 10, rated)

OH its a lovley day why dont we get in out maxed up beetle and drive round pissing people off, because we burn oil and petrol, why dont we all buy a very old beetle also so thats its tax free,
5 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 105 votes, average: 5.80 out of 10 (5 votes, average: 5.80 out of 10, rated)

Wayne says: Don't diss Beetles - a Porsche engine fits straight in one of them, you know! ;)
YOU TOSSER says: Just like how your cock can fit in a sheeps arse, you tosser these cars are shit they are so shit the only people who drive them, are the sad cunts who think they are in some elite group of owners, when rearly they are a bunch of WANKERS. This prick has even put on three spokes what a tosser.
Crimbo says: This car is sweet! The only thing that comes close to shit is the naff 'Nova' ali's. Thats a cool car!
You tosser says: Hmmm, I see we have another missleaded tosspot, as the name says YOU TOSSER
charliechesterprostitutetester says: beetles r sweet troff chops
fick off says: The wheels are crap, but hey its air cooled, i can live withit
cuntface webpage this is says: this cars a diamond, feck off you burberry wearing fuckholes
Your Mum says: Crap wheels, sweet motor...
Piss flaps says: Leave the bug alone its shweeeettt
the joy of sex says: This car rocks! And you right, we are elite.
Wayne says: Quote: "OH its a lovley day why dont we get in out maxed up beetle and drive round pissing people off, because we burn oil and petrol, why dont we all buy a very old beetle also so thats its tax free, "
Hi Wayne says: Im sat up here, wave at me
chavs have small pricks says: you tosser is a cunt
ChavsRScum says: Beetles RULE! FACT, Beetles are better than any NOVA, CORSA, SAXO will ever be!!! The alloys dont quite suit but its a unique car that will out live all of your chav scum so all i have to say to people who dislike bugs is FUCK OFF
Fuckholes website says: this car cool! the alloys are shit but the car is cool! o and whoever is "you tosser" is a total prick!
RS2000 owner says: I like this beetle bar the alloys, i also like my escorts also, thats the cars not paying ladies for sex, as i dont need to pay
Hahahaha says: Beetle owners get wound up so easily. Ive had 4 of the fucking things, and they are shit! Those 3 spokes might suck, but at least they show a bit of imagination. Unlike most of the aircooled crowd!
kiss it says: why ave four if they are so fucking shite?
Hahahaha says: I was young and stupid. I grew up and wised up :) Why cant beetle owners accept that not everyone adores their cars?
Book Salesman says: Can I interest any of you in a dictionary you illiterate fuckwits.
tit wank says: This site is sooooooooooooo amusing
hit me baby one more time says: Hahahahahah i dont think all beetle owners think that? They just get on with life
Britney Ringpiece says: Obviously they just get on with life judging by all the responses here ;>
fuckity fuck says: you tosser, have you ever kissed a girl?
getoveryourfordstwats says: these bug does look turd because of the alloys, vdub owners are in an elite group of people with taste who appreciate a good car that doesn't require a bolt on 50+bhp rear spoiler and "gt" sticker most of you probably sleep with your blood relatives....good day
saxo king says: god i saw one of theze things 2day bluw it away wthz me dump valve off
getoveryourfordstwats says: so I put these when I meant this, don't supposed any of you fuckers noticed what with your common slang ghetto pigeon jive talk, fuckers
getoveryourfordstwats says: Name: saxo king
plough king says: not hard, theyre like 50bhp from the 1600s. 0-60 in like 17seconds :) sure they can be tuned but why bother. even my nans beige fiesta is quicker.
Chavs suck says: Beetles pwn!
Britney Ringpiece says: you also put "Dont Supposed". I noticed that bredren innit
Charva Baiter says: saxo king: you wanna see the mess i left of ya mums dump valve
Adolf Chihuahua says: Somebody upload one of them fucking camper van things, that will wind them up even more ;>
fuckity fuck says: plough king, does colour denote a cars speed? you doghnut
saxo king says: licking it up now umm chav man sex wee
Charva Baiter says: Beige is the new 1000bhp don't ya know
Charva Baiter says: Found
Charva Baiter says: Fixed
when im big i want a corsa says: now now gay people have taste, mindless tracksuit wearing 1.2 driving gimps dont
fuckity fuck says: I love the cock I do
Charva Baiter says: Plough King: sticking plastic shit all over shopping cars why bother?
Itmightberustybutitistaxexempt says: Quote "Why cant beetle owners accept that not everyone adores their cars?"
fuckity fuck says: but im also partial to my hens and geese
fick off says: saxo king??? what kind of stupid fucking name is that? Your saxo is probably a finance dealwhich makes me laugh!
Exxon Maltese says: Dirty smelly poluting oil leaking Nazi staff cars. Designed by Porsche. on a bad acid trip, which is what you have to be on to think these scrapyard refugees are anything but dog vomit. Oh and why do they all smell like piss soaked grannies inside?
i love rear spoilers on front wheel drive cars says: but your gran smells good
Charva Baiter says: Cos ya mums been in it?
Who Cares if its tax exempt? says: I'd rather pay tax than have to climb into one of these every day. How come the people defending Beetles assume everyone not into them is a Chav or drives a Ford/Saxo/Corsa? I drive a Type3. I wouldnt put a Beetle out if it was on fire. In fact they burn really well!!!
Wrong Wheel Drive says: At least the engine drives the right wheels
Wrong Wheel Drive says: even if its in a fucking stpid place
Itmightberustybutitistaxexempt says: To 'Who Cares if it is Tax Exempt'
Henry Frodo says: Anyone seen those desert racer bugs with the engine hanging out? All bashed up and dented. Now thats a real car. Unlike the fake ass ones you see driving through Macclesfield on a Wednesday afternoon. What you doing bug boy? Going dune hopping at Tescos?
Who Cares if its tax exempt? says: Because on the whole they are driven by intolerant fuck pieces so far up their own arses that they can lick their own tonsils, and who cant accept that maybe, just possibly, I mean I know its really unlikely, but what if... some people font like these ugly bastard cars.
its slick innit says: hi i have a saxo with enough bodykit to shame the millenium falcon but a 1.2 engine as i cant handle anything faster, am i im the right place, i cant see through my spray canned tints man,
says: font like?
Who Cares if its tax exempt? says: OOooh noooo. I made a typo. Thanks for pointing it out though. Luckily typing skills arent related to good automotive taste. I see the bug fans all type well ;)
Who Cares if its tax exempt? says: besides at least im clever enough to enter a "name"
light the candle says: oh dear "Who Cares if its tax exempt?" someone seems a little uptight
light the candle says: oh and what is a Type3?
hatchbackh8r says: I have 2 bugs and a type 3 fastback, i love them all, if all you fuckwits think that beetles are shite, how do you explain the fact that they have made them since the late 40's until around 2002, its because people love em, and if you realised that engine's are supposed to be in the back and rear wheel drive you'd love em to, cos these things can wheelee when tuned right! how the fuck are you gonna do anyhthing but a handbrake wheelspin in your shitty little saxo's and 106's, hatchbacks are single mums cars! GET A LIFE GET A VW
FlapEater says: How come there are so many chav's as all their mothers are fuck ugly cunts and can't understand who would want to fuck one.
ZBQW says: Three spoke alloys were cool on Beetles in the '90s. Beetles have been modded since the '60s and there are still modded Beetles that thrash Lax Power cars on the strip. How many Halfords Cruisers will look as good as this in 30 years time?
Sucky Fucky 5 dolla says: So what if there are "modded" VWs that can thrash other cars. There are street legal "other cars" that can thrash the VW. Anything can be modified to beat anything else. The fact is that the beetle is not a good looking car be todays standards, except in the eyes of those that own them. You may love your bugs, but everyone else thinks they suck. Get overe it. Hatchbackh&r - they might have sold well 40 years ago, but they are also the car that nearly bankrupt VW when people stopped buying them in droves when the world moved on. VW tried living in the past (like bug owners do now) and it almost cost them.
Who Cares if its tax exempt? says: Light the candle - Im not as uptight as those trying to defend their crappy cars here. Just shows how insecure bug owners are. As soon as someone has the audacity to not like their car they start kicking off! No other car on this site has got the same response. That says so much about Beetle owners, and not in a positive way! Of course the beetle owners will say its because theyre passionate about them, but to everyone else you look like a bunch of schoolgirls crying in the corner cos someone said your dolly is ugly. Sas fucks. Just wait for the summer when the sad as fuck VW festivals start (full of pill heads and stoners) and watch how the hard shoulders are littered with broken dowwn bugs and campers. Remember, if you do break down, do the decent thing and burn the piece of shit on the hard shoulder, your mates will thank you for it, cos speaking as someone with a mate with a beetle, your rusty pieces of shit embarrass the shit out of you mates ;)
Billy Long Dong says: Why are girls that drive beetles always really ugly?
Voice Of Reason says: Why are girls in 106/saxo passenger seats really ugly? Coz its the best the driver can get!!
Ben '71 1200 says: Morning all. My my, this made me giggle. Looks like there are some very narrow minded views from both sides. Those that drive bugs (I own a beetle based buggy...) do it because they love them and are perfectly aware that there are quicker, cleaner, easier to drive cars about. There is no escaping the fact that it's an iconic car with it's place in history. Some of us are happy to celebrate the heritage behind it all by keeping the wee beasties alive.
Haha says: I'd love to see some of these plastic fantastics down at the pod!
fuckity fuck says: who cares if its tax exempt..you may be clever, but you have a shit name
stating the obvious says: itst better to push something than to pull it
ferdinand says: after designing a car for the masses that sold over 21 million and went on for 70 years, i should have got a supermarket trolly and stuck a shit load of plastic to it and an dustbin for an exhaust, it the future
You tosser says: stating the obvious
yeah hang loose dude says: Beetles are great cars. It's the majority of the loudmouthed, Volkszone worshipping, drug taking (well, so they say), illiterate owners who can't possibly let anyone have an opinion that differs from theirs that are the problem. In the same way as any car scene, there are those who can keep a rational head and those who really need to get out more. Guess which section is posting on this site. Hmm.
Ben Ponn says: Bugs are shite give me a hitop panel splitty anyday ;)
heh says: You beetle owners are a sad bunch of tossers. You all come on this site trying to stick up for the cars you love, but just like what has been said before, you think you are some elite group. Well your not, if 40 years ago you had the choice of getting a saxo, with free insurance, and a nippy engine then, you would have taken it. I am not a lover of the saxo but they are quick off the mark, apart from the odd muppet that sticks on 30 exhausts and massive amounts of fiberglass. Remember that it was designed to be a cheep town car, not a sports / racing car, because they are easy to modify and cheep they apeal to the younger generation, and obviously citron cashed in on that fact.
heh says: sorry that should be "NOT wanted" at the end. Typo
What? says: Any chance of that in readable English? Ta. Oh, and you seem to have the elements of water and air mixed up. Just a tip for when you next take a bath. If you do.
Yawn says: Only a dead chav is a good chav
THREE WORDS says: .........ing material
prawn noodles says: Lots of people take pride in their cars, Beetles, Minis , and landrovers! What the big deal. those wheels suck though, would look better on my clio
says: For years, Volkswagen beetles were like cod liver oil: a worthy medicine that few humans could stomach. The stripped-down oil-burners hidden in the back of forecourts seemed specifically designed for penny-pinching college students and health food store managers. Customers who considered engine clatter, black smoke and lack of comforts (creature or otherwise) a badge of honor. When £1-a-gallon petrol arrived, hordes of “normal” customers suddenly joined the Euro-throngs clamoring for their daily dose of petrol. And no example was-- is-- more sought after than the VW Beetle. What a pile of SHIT, also if you own one and are also sad enough to stick up for one, YOU are a chubby chasing rat fanny. WANKERS
Beep says: this made me laugh, I love my beetle but not everyone else does. Who cares? not me. But I will set one thing straight. Not all girls who drive beetles are ugly. In fact most of them are quite fit. And have brains. I could show you a few.
You WANKER!!! says: Most of us dont have a fetish for bearded ladies who way more then 20 stone, you wanker. pull your dick out of your arse before you post a comment!!!
says: thats "weigh" not "way"
YOU SAD WNAKERS says: PRAWN NOODLES: Mini's have a rally history with Paddy Hopkirk, and are like go-Karts to drive (bloody good fun) Landrovers have practical value for rough terrain and off-road. Beetles..... er well er er ther just Wank!!! they are driven by wankers and sado tosspots. who have no direction in life apart from under the stone they crawled out from under.!!!
U cock says: Take a history lesson 2you sad Wnakers", you will find most cars have a rally history including beetles. Anyway i thought this site was for slatting cars not people? Ya all twats
USA says: Three years ago my father came home with his new mid-life crisis present to himself. A silver VW Beetle. One of those new ones. Complete with plastic daisy flower in the dashboard flower vase.
says: U cock: were not including Scalextric, you sister fucking tosspot.
U Bigger Cock says: also what is a "Wnakers"
says: what a load of crap!
free to a BAD home!!! says: Well after reading all of these comments, i agree. I would rather be with the majority not minority. I hate my beetle i regreat the day i got the non starting rusty pile of shit, FREE TO A BAD HOME!!! no wonder it was so fucking cheep. My fiesta was cheeper and i'v never had any bother with it, and i hate that thing also.
heh says: what a clueless nobpiece! beetles are aircooled! shit, but aircooled. slating something you know fuck all about is just ignorance. i can say there shit cos ive had em. if youve never driven one, you cant comment...
fuck USA says: usa you cock sucker.
... says: Paddy Hopkirk drove Beetles in Autotests and rallies (his personal car) until BMC offered him the Mini contract. Just so you know...
Go USA says: You seem to be talking about a watercooled Golf in a frock, not the type of Beetle everyone else is arguing over, and that is pictured at the top of the page. Perhaps a visit to the opticians might be in order?
pricks says: Vw beetles are worth the room in my garage anyday!! As for being poor cars, not working, slow etc, who gives a fuck? If you have half a brain cell you can fix one, and who needs speed, they look great!USA, you talk complete crap mate!
kraut says: hitler car
wow says: Fucking hell, you're original! You're not Stan Bordeman are you?
Stan Boardman says: No, he isnt.
Slow USA says: The newbie isnt a Golf in a Frock, it uses the A3 platform. More bollocks spoken by those who know cock all about anything except how to suck the cock. Anyway, The new Beetle is a proper car, unlike the original.
zzz... says: And Slow USA sucks the cock like nobody else. Define "proper car", dickrot.
Jimmy Cricket says: Nor am I.
Wayne says: Instead of hiding behind fake untracable names, why not come round to my place and tell me Beetles are shit and we'll settle this in a good, honest, straighforward fight.
watching........ says: VW Beetles are the best car ever made!
nemo says: this is a great car beetles are fast the new 1s dow are a bit crap well a lot but if you dis any beetle you are a ass ok they are great some actualy go on brans hach but i dont see any of your cappy done up fiestas or your saxos clios 206s 306s so shut up if your going to dis exelant car ok
Hahahaha says: Sorry wayne. you fucking keyboard hero. youre soft as shit. just remember that some of these people posting might know you ;) Also, just because someone doesnt agree with you, you want to fight them????? Thats fucking low. and to be honest its what you would call CHAV BEHAVIOUR!!!!
Wayne says: Nope, I wouldn't call it chav behavior. I'm 18 stone and built like the proverbial outhouse. If you want chav behaviour:
Wayne says: And by the way, if the people on here knew me, they certainly wouldn't be calling me "soft as shit" because I certainly ain't. Being a chav is offering people a fight and running away. I don't run away.
Name: br> hr> says: Looks cool.
Mr Mann says: Why are Saxo drivers insulting a Bug? VW Beetles are the most customised vehicle the world over and any modification ever done to a Saxo, you can guarantee it was first done to a Bug many years ago, and proberbly done a lot nicer too! Tinted windows? Late 70's on a Bug. Lowered suspension? Mid 70's. Bodykits? Early 80's. It's not just customisers of cars that take their cues from modified Bugs... a few years back Bug owners started locating the indicators in the headlights to give it a smoother look - now find me 10 new cars that DON'T have their indicators located in the headlights!
rs2000 owner says: Just to be pedantic:-
Wayne says: Hmm.... RS2000 owner bored by any chance? ;)
Wayne says: Nearly forgot: 11) VW Camper - they still make the late 60's/70's style VW Camper/Kombi in Brazil and they're still available from new in the UK.
RS2000 owner says: Wayne you know what its like working here. PISS BOARD
Wayne says: You piss board? That must hurt! Proberbly not as bad as pissing broken glass though.
The Codfather says: I'm piss board too, do yee faggots actually like the boebee?
Wayne says: Ya ballbag!
rs200 owner says: Chris your weird!!!
Wayne says: By "like the boebee" were you asking if we like 80's saturday night toss program person Bobby Davro?
nazi beetle says: another faggot motor. Built by faggots for faggots. The only thing good about this car is that i know the man who owns it and it was burnt out on his drive, FUCKING WELL DONE i say.
vw owner says: erm... WTF? i own a '01 old beetle with fuel injection as my daily driver. it has air con, ceneral locking, elecric windows,and a cd player. standard. and the 2.0 engine way putting out 70 BHP at the WHEELS. standard, before i replaced it with a 700 BHP 911 engine.
thomps125 says: tax exzempt meens no muney neede dwud suit u chav cunts gr8 in ure saxos n novas plus porshe engines and weelsa fit str8 in n on ure jelous
thomps 125 @@@@@@@ says: : saxo king
furr says: is that the one of the modded one that can out accelerate a ferrari, because i know there are quite a few of those around
Hatefull air compressor says: these cars sound like a bodyshop air compressor. Actually my bodyshop air compressor has more power. Sack of shit.

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