what a shitter lol
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Can you guess what make this car is?
16 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 1016 votes, average: 8.19 out of 10 (16 votes, average: 8.19 out of 10, rated)

says: i like this, its not to bad looking, it could do with a subtle window tint though, nothing to chav
Mr M5 says: This web site is called "your car is shit" this car does not have stupid oversized bumpers or skirts, neather does it look as though it has 20 x 5" exhuasts or stupid bonnet vents, so the person who drives it likes to advertise that he's driving a ford. Apart from that its bog standerd, whoever posted this picture you are a sad lame cunt, who likes a bit of your mother every now and then. I drive a BMW M5, compleatly bog standerd apart form M5 decal on my rear quarter windows does that make an M5 a shit car.... No Please only post shit cars, and engage your fucking brain before posting a picture, tosser!!!
Mr Mann says: Yep I agree not a shit car rearly, as far as stupid chav body styling go. So its got a side decal that says ford. Could be worse, and I have never been a fan of the escort
Mk 2 mexico says: Again yes not a bad escort bog standerd bar the decals, another totaly pointless post from some limp dick tosser who can't understand the idea of this websit, ITS TO TAKE THE PISS OUT OF BOY RACER CHAV'S WITH STUPID BIG SPOILERS AND 600 TONES OF FIBERGLASS, NOT STANDERD MOTOR'S LIMP DICK
THE REAL Mr Mann says: Hey Mr mann, don't pinch my fucking name, tosser. I do tend to agree though, i'v never been a fan of escorts, but the only thing i dont like about this one is the WRC style decal, No bodykit, no big spoiler and what looks like a standerd exhaust, apart from that its just an escort, PLEASE CAN WE REMOVE THIS CAR, TO MAKE ROOM FOR SOME SAD ASS NOVA / CORSA. Then we can have some fun putting it to shame
Motor World says: the guy who ownes this escort comes in the shop every now and then, this is quite a tidy motor its bog standerd bar the decals and a plate weld de-lock which looks fucking smart on any car (bar saxos and novas) dont see why its such a shit car, its an escort fair enough, but if escorts are so shit why do so many people have then. At the end of the day 1) they start. 2) there to to sluggish so long as you go 1.8, gti or RS. 3) they kick the crap out of noav's saxos, corser's and clios. 4) they are comfy cars to drive and big enough for the kids and dog. 5) whoever posted this why not give everyone a reason why tis is SUCH a shit car, were all dying to find out why. Prob's some tosspot who cant afford a car and has to use a bus so he can wipe his nob over all the old women on the bus. tosser
HO HO HO says: Well som jolly chap thought he could have a laught by postimg a picture of my last escort, judging by the coments though its not a bad car. And yes it is justy a bog standerd escort with a de-lock. The car is currantly for sale and i doo need to sell ASAP,as I cant afford to run three cars, so if you after a tidy bog standerd escort then let me know.
Mr Mann says: Blimey! I've been cloned twice! Unfortunatly there really is no way to prove the previous two postings weren't me but I can assure you they weren't and this is the real me. I'm the Mr Mann who owns the custom auto shop in Leicester and the 1959 Chevy Impaler with the 5.7 litre engine. Motorworld - you ask why if Escorts are so shit why do so many people have them? Well how many millions of people watch Big Brother or Fame Academy or anything else equally as shite?! The saying is "The masses are asses". As for my final comment on this - shite but there's much worse out there. I'm certainly not calling for it to be removed from this site because it's very deserving.
milf hunter says: i this car really shit. i think not. bland , definately! completely bog standard covered in stickers and decals but it doesnt do anything other than advertise the fact its a ford escort.
Mr mann 1, 2 or 3 says: Cant you all find a name which is a bit more original!!! and milf hunter... for christ sake come on, is it not time you all went outside for palytime then a nice warm bottle of milk before storys and a nap!!! when you talk about your cars, you cant include your Top Trumps collection, matchbox or you powerwheels that you got for you 10 birthday.
Mr A Bit More Original says: Oh my god! It's an Escort and a 90's Escort at that. I thought the Escort couldn't get any worse with the Mk4 but I was wrong. And why not advertise the fact it's toss by sticking big Ford stickers up the sides?!
motor world says: If "the masses are asses" then why do you call yourself Mr Mann, thats a bit bandwagon dont you think, as from your previous post your basicly saying that your are one of the masses by whatching cult T.V shows such as little britain. now you have made yourself look like a propper cock gobbler infront of everyone. you spanner
Mr Mann says: Or it could actually be my surname... Don't actually watch much TV - I'm too busy working at the shop.
You tosser says: Or it could be the fact that you are a bullshitting muppet...... yep i think that i'm correct, why dont you stop talking shit and sod off back to flem, you sad old basterd leave the verbal bashing to people who can do it correctly.
I wonder.... says: Is there a lot of people from the Escort Power forum posting on here by any chance? ;)
Mr Mann says: Hey Motor world - by your name I'm presuming you're employed by one of those lame auto accessory chain-stores that sells bolt-on shite for the chav cars on this very site? I have my own store, fair enough I do sell "mass market" chav bits in the store (I'm a business, not a charity) but I also build American style hot-rods and all the profit from the store goes straight into my pocket. I'd rather have my own business and make some fantastic cars than be a till monkey in a lame chain store.
Motor world says: has anyone ever told you your a cock, if not "Your a COCK"
Mr Mann says: Whoops, did I hit a nerve?
Mr Mann says: And by the way, it's "You're a cock" not "Your a cock". It might have been a number of years since I left school but I still understand punctuation. This is why I'm not a till monkey.
Its a Ford HaHa says: i cant believe this car above whats with the fucking sticker that says ford we all know what an escort looks like i bet the guy that drives this shite is a right charv with blue lights on his car while he is listening to his rave music sad bastard
Trevor Charlton says: Would all my staff at B.T stopp pissing around on this motherfucking web site and do some pissing work, I do not pay you to surf the bloody internet.
Escortpower says: god its all kicking off hear, that Mr mann guy seems like a bit of a cock end. As for the car i don't think its to bad. I know the guy who owned it, he is anything but a chav, also a big shout out to mitchell, leigh, chris, wayn (aka Mr mann) and Tommy, whooo, bring on the insults
Tom Johnson says: I am the owner of this baby and i dont understand how anyone cann cell my car beacuse this baby is the dogs bollocks it will do 0-60 in 11.5 seconds has more miles on the clock than Mr Manns Mum an by the way im no charv i have long hair which i look after very well and the only thing i love better than this car is my hair so i cant possible be a charv because a charv wouldnt know what to do with wonderfull hair like mine
Wayne says: It does have nice blue LED switches though!
Milf Hunter: Extreme Edition: Gotta Milf'em all!! says: Who wants to bet all these comments are gone by tomorrow??
Mr mann (who owns a 1959 Chevy impailer) says: hello I'm Mr mann and did I mention I have a 1959 Chevy Impailer? We I do an it's a Chevy built in 1959 and it's an impailer model.
Motor World says: God its all kicking off here now. i saw the lad who drove this car buzing down past me in his new RS, Smart lookig motor. Could'nt keep up with me on 750 bandit (streetfighter)
says: Hahaha his RS couldnt keep up with a scooter!!
motor world says: it wont be long till they close this site down then!!!
tom says: prob's but who gives a shit.
Motor World says: The daft cunt who runs this lame ass site tried to block me, what a chutny ferret, now fuck off!!! mate
Mr T. says: I pity da fool that drives this... And if its standard why has it got all the stick on horsepower down the door?
says: I ant getting on no plane, WHERES MY MILK
says: this cars OK, I used to have an escort and I loved it, was my first car many many years ago.
Rs2000 owner says: Dam right, not bad cars at all, beats the crap out of any saxo or corsa.
nemo says: so what all its got on it is the ford sign and some crap little stickers so what the rally cosworth had them on it and that was a good rally car and some escorts are very reliable
Finding nemo says: Yeah, but this isn't a rally cosworth, it's a bog standard 90's Escort. Doesn't even look like a Mk5 (what the Cosworth was based on)
says: it used to be my car, before i sold it. it looked bog standerd but it was'nt, its best to have a car that goes faster than it looks rather then looking faster than it is. plus have you seen the diffrence in price from a mk5 cosworth 4x4 2.0l t25 and a 90's mk 6 escort. i'm still dreaming for the cossy
jacob says: This car is good I like the graphics on the side
Jacob's cream crackers says: Can't think of any witty comment, just wanted to use this name.
psfud says: NICE MOTOR
LD says: Do people on here honestly think this car is alright? It's an Escort for fuck's sake! It's mass-produced toss that only people who don't understand cars bought from new. I suspect the owner is playing some sick, perverted game with himself and posting up that it's a nice car.
says: shows how much you know ball bag!!! i sold it for £900, you thick shit, thats £300 more than i paid. thats why tossers like you waste money or shit cars, me on the other hand i make money out of shit cars. Wanker!!!
says: i'd rather own this than a VW nazi wagon
bob says: i bet you drive a kitted up corsa with cdosmetic shite stuck all over it which obv makes it go faster. but u just sound like a twat to be honest lol
says: al this from a bloke who goes by the name bob, says it all really, you faggot why dont you stop imbarasing yourself and fuck off, before you get anothe verbal bashing
chav says: o dear fords r crap
says: What a fucking ignorant thing to say you stupid little faggot, fuck off now before i fucking slap you, I fucking hate chav's, Fords are bloody good motors also, even this escort in question is not to bad,
Steve says: I would like to ask if any of the people who are actually defending this car have actually driven a decent car? Maybe something high-end Japanese or German perhaps? Let's face it, a toilet is luxury when you're used to shitting in a bucket.....
haggis says: ford
lak says: looks like he couldn't find any paper, so put his shopping list on his door instead.
Lee says: Fords and Vauxhalls are ugly cousins and should not be on UK road. Perhaps suitable for Albania and Siberia.

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