who created tris fucking pile of monkey shit wudnt
8 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 108 votes, average: 9.63 out of 10 (8 votes, average: 9.63 out of 10, rated)

iz it fuckig shit or just gay ? who nos it up 2 you ya fuck shit eaters
6 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 106 votes, average: 4.17 out of 10 (6 votes, average: 4.17 out of 10, rated)

blingin says: elo i is spaztic jak and i love my mum i slrpt wid er last night and i tuck up da bum but my willy wasnt big enough 2 go up there if u tink i is messed up den u is wrong i just a spaztic hu smokes weed and fancies my mum by da way ur car is a pile of shit it looks like a puffs cars my nan lookes better than ur car
says: Work Meister S2R rims.. nice. Don't see anything wrong with this car, it's not a Saxo so you can't diss it.. next thing you'll know, all modded cars are "shit".
Anti-Daz says: so what's wrong with this car ? i bet it's awful, isn't it ? you're an idiot with no taste...
Rachel the Assassin says: See, the thing is, some of these cars that aren't dolled up to look like Barbie's motor DO actually like and perform like stock cars and race cars. And in the setting of a massive rally or race on a designated track they might actually look like they belong, but just for cruising around the streets...? That's just stupid.
speedfreak_lady says: I totally disagree with whoever posted this skyline up- the Skyline is NOT SHIT- its actually a very very good car in its own right and was built to handle extra power etc. Plus there aren't that many external aftermarket modifications as far as I can tell though I haven't looked at the picture for long enough. The Skyline isn't chavvy either- there aren't many chavs who could afford a £60k R34...
vezza says: u iz a load of greebs get a life and get your hair cut this car is mint
vezza says: u iz a load of greebs get a life and get your hair cut this car is mint
James says: This car is not shit, what idiot posted it?
bodleytunes.com says: nice car!
Johnathan from LogicalTuning.com says: R34 GTR .... FFS who ever runs this site is a complete dumb ass ..by the way, what do you drive GIMP !!!
lee says: he prob drives a rover 25 who ever owns this site, obviously is a gimp, no doubts this car is wicked
simon says: oh dear, i thought this site was meant for shit cars? whoever designed this site really needs to get a life and stop hating nice performance cars he cant afford!
says: every other car on here should be burned. this one shouldn't be on the list though.
paulc says: i can understand posting fiesta's, corsa's and clio's that have had silly bodykits but this R34 is absolutely beautiful and should not be in the same league (or even on this website). being as your ratings do not extend to positive, i am not going to vote at all.
Daz says: Well, cock jockeys, this is MY site and I don't add the cars, arseholes.
Nice Car Lover says: You are having a Turkish if you say this is crap - R34? World-Beater, not Cock-Beater.
bodleytunes.com says: I actually think this site is cool. I put my mr2 turbo up on it! People dont you see, most of it is tongue and cheek humour u dumb fucks! haha
mikey says: this car is smart
Swanny says: A good example of a top car. I drive them everyday and they are NOT AT ALL SHIT
A brain dead idiot posted this car on here! says: R34 on here!!?? Who ever posted this... try to learn something today, like your a fecking idiot!
Tiny Tim says: If its your site then remove it! Prick
Daz says: I'm removing nothing wanker, I don't remove cars or edit posts - your fuckers add what you like and bitch about it, without fear of me editing anything. That way, we can all see what wanktards you all are.
jamie says: this car is jst quality n if u say it int thn u must constantly have ur head up ur ass crack cos it deffo dunt belong to a chav cos its too expencive 4 thm
Dave2 says: superb motor, best one on the site by far
Nick says: oh my god this is how fucking stupid the owners of this site are!! its a fucking skyline ok there not to my taste but its hardley shit is it!!
.. says: its a skyline, daz dont comment u drive a fucking z3, hair dresser
Daz says: I don't remove any cars fuckers. Post what you like, wankers.. ooh, look how much traffic I've had this month... fucking hell!!!
Big Tony says: Basically the skyline is a beast and it cannot be dissed in any way. You are a complete scroat if you do not like the skyline. And a large number of cars are not shit atall, don't get me wrong tho cause there are some pretty batti cars.
charlie says: skyline is not fucking shit it fucking quick so whatr if its been modded up its quick
ezza says: sick car!
Ian says: Daz I would rather get traffic for having a good site than being linked all over the place for being the cock that is choosing to continue to host pictures of rally cars, cars built for motorsport or modified versions of cars which were fast from the factory.
Wanna be like DAZ says: God, i wish i was like you daz, you are so fcuking cool for setting up a site like this, prick
kzarin says: Some twat doesn't have a clue. This car is seriously nice and quick. Some asshole needs glasses :-).
someone says: skylines are crap there the crapest car ever apart from all the other crappy cars in the world there to exspencive i hate them burn it get rid of all of them once and for all...
someone says: crap
Hmmm says: Do you realise that all other nissans are driven by people over 60. Nissan can't design sports cars.
Sebastian says: Simply awful.......
says: As daz said, he doesnt put the cars up, other people do, yeah obviously the person who put this gtr up doesnt know anything about this amazing machine doesnt mean its daz's fault.
someone says: ar but do you agree with me
someone says: bla bla bad car i welly hate it gagagagag
Hmmm says: They're still ugly and driven by cunts.
JG is GAY says: Actually, chavs can afford old ones easily. Also, this is an ugly pile of shit - it was designed as a fucking Porsche rival for fuck's sake! What stupid fuckers paid £54k for them new anyway?
tom says: oh look daz doesnt seem to have much to say bout this cuz a z3 will not run up to 1000bhp but a skyline will
will says: anyone who disses this car is a cock ring...its awesome....how is it a chav car its like 40k and that one probably nearer 70....this is no longer about chav cars its about stupid jealous cocks dissin things they cant have
lewis says: this is fucking shmint
Random man says: Bloody hell, NICE car, who ever posted this is blind. What the hell is wrong with a skyline, they r class!
xxx says: random guy is wright this car is shmint
Echo Power! says: Yep i bet this bad dog here has about 195 horsepower@ all of 3400 RPM's
Hmmm says: Skyline-official car of cunts and chavs.
name says: got dat right
name says: ?????????????????????????????????????? whats da point
name says: of even having 1 of these der so shit every1 thinks der so good when so CRAP
Gaz says: Stunning car, carnt rate it as bad at all. No where near a chav car...
jimy says: nice
Moi Hehehe says: A Typical Charv Drug Dealers Car
ya mum says: gaz ur a fuck face
xxBunnyxx says: i dont get this site! some of the cars are quite tastefully modded! and how can u diss a skyline? its stunning!
bren says: listen people we have been through this all before. skylines are the shit. a stock skyline is a blank canvas, or already a masterpiece. depends which way you look aat it.
white van man says: The Nissan Skyline can hardly be classed as a 'chavs car'. No bad comments from me on this one.
sikguy says: cooooooool car how is this shit exactly?
Rick says: everyone going on about how shit the skyline is and how nissan cant design sports cars needs a lesson in cars i think. actually look at the details of the GTR and you will see its a beast
man-man says: DAMN THATS A COOL CAR!!!!!
styles says: what kinda idiot says this car is shit? This car is awesome!!! now suzuki swifts on the other hand.. they are SHIT!!!!
Mags says: What brain dead faggot put this on here?
matt oliver says: which one of you small dicked cunts put this on here P.S. HMMMMMM SUCKS HI MUMS PENIS
matt oliver says: spelling fail i meant say his mums not hi mums ROFLMFAO
Si says: I hate these cars with a passion. Skyline - what a ridiculous name. Almost as bad as some of the other Jap crap from the past such as Cedric, Silvia, Sunny, Cherry etc. Shit names, shit cars. The Skyline, along with the ghastly Subaru Imprezas with big exhausts are just soulless, characterless lumps of brightly coloured plastic. The ultimate chav cars. They all deserved to be scrapped and crushed into cubes
Harvey says: This car aint shit, its probly faster then any car you will ever own
petayV8 says: a poor mans GTR in my opinion. good in its day but pretty shit now. haha i love clicking the decent cars to see all the dumb fucks rant, i could upload a veyron and ppl would still be still av ago at daz fuvkin idiots
petayV8 says: ppl upload decent cars to see you dick chavs get mad and its halarious,keep it up chav wanks. keep me entertained. its weird chavs know what decent cars are deep down but stillthink there shitty 106s are the dogs hahaha dumb fucks
CR93 says: you must be joking, this is in no way shit or a chav car
Andrew says: Yes it is shit. If its jap then its crap. Fucking plastic rice cooker.

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