??? Not sure what to say, except maybe, ‘twat’.
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10 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 1010 votes, average: 7.10 out of 10 (10 votes, average: 7.10 out of 10, rated)

alex says: looks like a fukin toy!!!
Matt says: I wonder how far the remote control works? hmmm...
Bob says: Err guys this is a Group B rallye car, it does not belong here!
Wayne says: Wot a crock of shit it look like a metro or summat stoopid.
John says: It's the shitiest car ever!
You fucking idiots! says: It's a 6R4!! One of the best cars in ever!!
LMFAO - Lamebrains!!! says: I suggest you lot of pillocks look up "Metro 6R4" in Google. These awesome little rally cars have been around for years and are still competing today, and are still beating much more modern machinery.
Jesus H Christ says: If the person who uploaded the pic of the 6R4 onto this had a clue, they'd be dangerous. FUCKING IDIOTS.
david sidebottom says: i recently discovered i like looking at my older brother getting changed,, what should i think and how should i act??
david sidebottom says: hahaha what a lie, im suh a crazy joker, i had all youze chav pussy boys going didnt i....i dont realy like looking at my brother getting chaged ....hahaha....rite laff.......fukin chav nobs....havent i
david sidebottom says: just FUCK OFF...gu on...the lot of yerz, just FUCK OFF
Bob says: David stop talking to your self.
Johnathan from LogicalTuning.com says: This is a Metro 6R4 .. how the fuck can you justify this ..
mikey says: wat the fuk were u thinkin u fukin nob y wast ur muney on dat bag ov wank
Hitler says: Congratulations to Wayne and John for winning the Clueless Prick award for this page.
Tom says: This car actually needs the aerodynamic add-ons, unlike your average council estate Nova. 6R4: 0-100 in 5.4 seconds with rallycross gearing.
!! says: er............................................................na
martin says: so thats were your mums coffe table went
matty 69er says: u r all sad a metro 6r4 IS FUCKING AWSOME what are u all so poor that u r jealous? modded cars rule!
Dunx says: OK lets review this, 300bhp rear mid engine, fully aerodynamic rally bodykit, under 4sec 0-60, my uncle had one in white and had many well knows magazines reviewing it. so fuck everyone who thinks its purely a chav car, GET A FUCKIN CLUE, or get ur head out ur arses n admit your fuckin jelous!
adz says: wtf was this person thinkin when he modified this car it looks like theyve gone to a scrapyard and piked up a shovel of a tractor and shoved it on the fukin body complete waste of money end off those lil wankers have got nufin better to do but do up this piece of shit fukin chav's
Olly says: one of the greatest cards ever, you chav pricks don't have a clue!!!
dave says: 6r4 would destroy all...best group b car out
Hondapants says: metros are cool cars, until some wally sticks an ex-JCB shovel on the front.
casper says: as i have said before it doesn't matter about whats under the bonnet it still looks like shit so it can be slated
mini mib says: this is not a shit car. its a fucking group B rally car so quick they were banned
cris says: These were famous Group B rally cars, "Formula 1" off road, ie the most advanced, fastest, most powerful versions. *slaps the idiots that slated this*
someone says: its not a poo car its a rally car rallying is good street racing is terrible
Ian says: If this is shit then why are they still going for 70k 24 years after they were designed, I think its because they are fast as fuck and good rally cars, do your fucking homework.
SiteDisser says: The 6r4 Beats Ferraris off the line tops out at 170 and is 25years old, suck that wanker.
Ed says: This is a Grp B rally car, it still wins 20 odd years on after it was designed so it really isn't crap. You lot are ignorant fuckwits.
someone says: i agree with ian you r an idiot youve problly only got a metro with wheel trims that you you got out of argos
someone says: who arees with me?
someone says: who argees with me?
Tom says: That is a beast 450BHP+ isn't shite
Hmmm says: Anyone that doesn't like it should go to hell! Do you realise it was banned as it was too fast!!!
someone says: yeh i agree with hmmm its a good car freaks
Hmmm says: Hondapants. Have you ever heard of down force. P.S Hondas are shit.
knuckster says: at least all you muppits are all in one place, this is one of the best group b rallycars and became a legend in the rallyx circuit and the person who placed it here must be retarded
MG ZT's are shite says: What a bunch of retards slating such a legend. Go back to your corsas boys.
ha! says: chav twats.
Doodlebug says: thats one of the greatest rally cars ever made, if you don't know what a 6r4 is you shouldn't own a car
Jon Goff is GAY says: Hondapants - I agree with Hmmm. Also, this is about the only cool Metro in the world, you twat.
Hmmm says: All Metros are great in a funny sort of way.
WHO THE FUCK PUT A 6R4 HERE? says: Metro 6r4 is just about one of the best cars ever. You pussy arsed chav bastards would shit yerselves just hearing one. Dumb fucks.
Chav Killer says: Whoever out this car on here is a fucked up retard! The 6R4 is one of the best rally cars ever, and if not the best sounding one as well! I'd like to see a 1.0 Nova give it a run for it's money! CHAVS SHOULD BE SHOT AT BIRTH!
ClutchCableAdjutment says: 6R4: V6, 4x4, 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and 400+ BHP, watch some rallycross and learn
Rally Boy says: Quailty Car...only challenged by the Audi Quattro, the Ford RS200 and the Lancia's 037 & Delta...DON'T DISS IT, this (cough, cough) Metro is quality.
Dave V8 says: Metro 6r4 does not belong on yourcarisshit.com they are great cars
biggs fae denny says: 6r4 moan then ya pricks
says: does it come complete with action man??
The Guru says: yes, this comes with action man and also barbie
dog says: oh dear.. more actual chavs.. trying to look less chav by jumping on the bandwagon.. its a 6r4.. you obviously know fuck all.. dickheads... its a legendary car.. and you guys are all chavs.. har har
dazzle says: shite!!!
Jimbo says: I think that front scoop is illegal.
Echo Power! says: Man 6R4's really look fast, sound just like my weed eater, look like a Micro Machine
metros r shit but? says: this metro has 250 bhp
3686 says: isn't this one of the fastest metro's that was actually rallied? Its freaking awesome! Leave it alone - I can see where you're coming from and if there was a townie in it, but hey!
N16 says: I think the reason a 6R4 has been put here is because the person who uploaded it WAS NOT BORN when the car was actually introduced onto the rally scene!!
laura loo + matt says: it looks like it just took a visit to the car crushers!!
name says: laura loo+matt it was band because it wass so fast so every1 can stop taking da piss out of it and learn bout it 1st gaw twats
Jim says: This is not a chav car! It's a 300bhp group B rally car that will still piss on most things on the road !
jono says: i wonder how long do the batteries last
Paul says: Which cocks keep putting 6R4s on this site there f***in amazin. Oh yeah and thats a toy car not a real one TWAT
Madman says: Congratulation you dumb fucks, group B rally cars, are all driven by chav's arent they?
says: fuckin beautiful car pal!
Fuck all to do with you says: whats the word....???? CUNTS car that
bren says: some people dont know enough about cars to even begin to judge what is a shit car, and what isnt.. tards
Mattel says: Looks like a toy!
styx says: That'd put out at least 400 horsepower --from where the back seat used to be. Nothing rivals Group B.
bigk says: 6r4's one of the fastest beasts to grace the group b rally scene doesn't belong on this web site awsome car and you wouldn't be able to pick one up for less than 24k
group b neil says: you are all too young and gay to remember group b rallying. this is a metro 6r4. wicked car
group b neil says: you are all too young and gay to remember group b rallying. this is a metro 6r4. wicked car
Rover V8's Rock says: One of the greatest group B cars of all time, also one of the ugliset. The engine was also used in the Jaguar XJ220
joe says: wank
:) says: omg u ppl really need to carl down. its a beast :) dont u ppl ever go to rallye??? dont dis it, chav car my bloodly car! be real wud ya!
oli says: Metro 6R4, you cannot fault that. Hows that chav? Theyre not doad built, theyre group A rally cars
Chris says: And how the fuck is this shit? Its a rally car for gods sake!
Big Dick Stuck Inside Ya Mums Pussy says: Shit car for shit people.
bigcumload says: Another big pile of British Leyland shit! Metro 6R4 my fuckin hairy balls! Its just another Metro with a plastic Halfords bodykit. Council estate wankers car. Owner needs his cock slicing off with a blunt rusty meat cleaver..

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