Now dude, this is NOT the car to take to a car sho
9 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 109 votes, average: 4.44 out of 10 (9 votes, average: 4.44 out of 10, rated)

Now this HAS to be the worst car in living memory. What possesed this fuck-wit?
12 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 1012 votes, average: 9.50 out of 10 (12 votes, average: 9.50 out of 10, rated)

neon-21 says: maybee he thought that he could do a better Ali-G car
katie says: this car is mint and your stupid if you dont like it
Protoform X says: Jesus-titty-fucking-Christ! That is the worst car EVER! Oh, and "mint" means it's brand new. That it may be, but just 'coz it's new doesn't mean it's not total shite.
George W Bush says: does it change into a washing machine like those Transformers
na says: looks like someone had a conservatory built, and had bits left over so thought it would be a good idea to glue them to their car. Pretty clever
heh says: this is the best car eva cos it is mine if u fuckin dis it i will get ya
Daz says: Take your car off the site? Hey Adam, your car is the shittest car on this site, and that's some achievement. Well done man, you've done an incredible job there... wanker.
dirty diesel says: ITs the michilin mans car
Caz says: That car is fucking awful. I have NEVER seen anything like it. what a prick.
says: its rubish believe
someone who has taste says: fuck you wat possesed you you have no taste you peice of shit
Percy says: All i can say is...WTF???
kial says: get to fuk the car is nice
stoof says: wtf u on...di$ car i$ fukin kla$$!!
MItchi B says: yo yo wdf u guys on dis car is da bollox shame u aint got nun init!!
mikey says: adam ur car is fukin bag of wank m8 take my advice n soend ur muney on summat GUD!!
charlie says: lol dat cars is soooooooooooooo shit my nan has a better car den dat
umm says: this is car... or so it would seem
Doodes says: Is it a bit of lego?
jay says: its a bodged nova:D
says: Just reminds me of a giant rossi ice cream! lol
sam says: this car is fuckin bullshit. it looks like some fucked up prick has had a shit on tree
mark says: this car is a shitbag. it is an embarrassment to all cars. i want to set it on fire.
bby chav says: i luv dis csr i wuld happily go in wish i had 1 but pink
bby chav says: big up hu evas car dis is nd u can all shut da fuk up finkin its shit ya wanna watch wot ya sayin an all u h8 chavs so much 1 day ull fukin get it 4rom uz rite x
spoon says: adam, did you make this yourself out of polystyrene packaging. Just how far into chav culture do you have to be to think the car is anything but a heap of shit.
I am a girl says: It's a really awesome car! Lookie! it's a storm trooper!
PureMetal says: it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't that small, that shape, that colour... or just such a pile of crap
Casper says: good god if it were made of LEGO it would be better, what the fuck possessed the guy to do this, oh wait i don't want to offend the blind
Sirlagerlot says: Just picked up a new dining room table from Ikea?
Daz says: Even for this website, this car is fucking shit. It takes shit to an all new level, well done to the owner of this car - you're a cut above the average chav in the sense that you're a 'special' kind of cunt, one whose money far out weighs your taste. You've made something truly wonderous here, the shittest car I've ever seen. We should give out awards.
bog roll says: daz u kiddy fiddler,u obviously go 4 the lil girls with the neons and ripspeed spoiler!
minimadmat says: wot the hell is that
weebonnyladdie says: this car has got more fuckin shit on it that u cant tell what fuckin car it is!!!!!!!!!!
bby chav says: I sleep with my sister
bby chav says: yer bt no bt yer bt no bt, itz liok diz innit.
bby chav says: I've got 6 fingers.
Cal says: The girls arent waving at you, they're doing the wanker sign as you chug past in your white monstrosity.
chavman A says: 2 words 4 u lot: Ha...Ha
says: I HAVE A CAR
someone says: i bet 3 of the exhausts are fake
someone says: it looks like a toy car
taylor says: this car must have had a magnt in it and he drove through halfords or summat wanker
joe says: adam ur car is wank, goes along wiv the wanker driving really
big man says: bby chav ur an arsehole
Jay says: Some of the cars on this site are cheap shit run by people with little money. Unfortunately, this car is standing out because it looks like the owner has wasted a fortune on it. It says "pull me over and look for drugs" to police and "that young man needs his own flat/house" to me. Stop wasting your money on plastic. If you want a fast car for the sort of money wasted here buy a Caterham.
heh says: this should be on the new carlsberg
me says: this guy's either a complete moron or an avid buck rogers fan.
says: may the force be with u.... prick
says: darth vader will be comin 2 pick up his car soon...
Jo Starling says: Whoever drives this car deserves to crash and burn in there
Jimbo says: The world's shittiest car meets the world's shittiest car modifications. Ouch.
says: Is it made of polystyrene?
wft is that says: Enough to put peole of plastic surgery for life. Its an atempt in turning a cardboard box into a spaceship, I use to do that when i was 5.
says: This car reminds me of what i found dwon the loo this morning. Aload of shit
Thomas says: The car is a fucking piece of cunting shit. Anyone who disagrees it a tosser
Thomas says: Cannot belive people dont know what this is!!! Is a Renault 5 turbo. " bodged Nova" tosser
Thomas says: Girls, please stop posting here. You girls dont have a clue about cars.
Thomas says: ooo Adam!
Andrew says: I saw this car at i thought it was allright compared to some of the cars they had
George W Bush says: Adam, you twat.
TIG says: fuk yere
golf-lover. says: more money than sense.
golf fucker says: more sense than you ya fucking clown, ill wrap yer fuckin golf clubs round your neck, bastard. FUCKING BENT CADDIE!!!!!!!
says: Grow up u sad low life cunts, u all driving sheds and jealousy takes affect on you call so u gotta mock someones hard earned cash, its up to them if they wana do up their car so get a life u sad wankers
Charva Baiter says: Looks like its crashed into the Airfix factory
Helena + Matt says: Really have to say this car is by far the worst!!!!
Golf GTI says: Cars value at the start £1000 (max). Cars value after he had spent £25000 on naff extras £500. Harsh but true. I wonder how many giro,s this ass wipe who owns this car has spent on this. It looks like a piece of spunk on steroids.
Fuck all to do with you says: Another "Iraqi freshman" car fucking murderous cunts no matter what they do!
white van man says: Oh dear, oh dear. It really does look as though it's made out of plastic! Oh, and is that sun awning on the back a wind out one or is it fixed into position?!
jv says: yep! that car is shit.
man-man says: renault 5 rally car with wide bodykit? me likee, me likee lots!!!!!
cph says: Is it a portakabin? May as well be. I'd be the first to take a dump in that.
Bacon Bits says: Golf GTi, I reckon you're right about the end price but the sad thing is, this used to be a Renault Turbo so _was_ a £20k classic before all that toss was stuck to it!
terry fuckwit says: even i can see this car must have been dreamt up by a dickhead who accidentally replaced his brain with a horses arse
lak says: I like the wheels... apart from that, it's complete wank. What a way to ruin a good car..
Volkswagen 4 life says: What the ugliest lump of utter fucking shit i think that was a 1.0 renault 5 whoever modified this car should have gone to specsaver stupid chav scum !!!!
Chris says: First remove everything and reveal the beauty underneath. Then shoot the chav. Then take the car to your nearest classic car dealer and get some cashfrom it, or keep it for yourself. If I were a chav, i'd just get a good budget performance car and leave it.
Andy says: Adam and golf fucker are obviously a pair of complete cunts with a very low IQ.This is without doubt the shittiest car on this great site. Needs crushing and chipping up at the nearest plastic recycling yard...preferably with the aforementioned pair of cunts in it..
Simes says: Just squirt some polystyrene cement over the bodywork and watch it melt. Then set fire to it.

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