stupid kid trying to mod…the kid even stuck a du
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Why? Why would you do this? CUNT.
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jimido says: why would he do this, cause he wants to, hows that for an answer
Overlord says: Its shit for an answer, I say he did it because he's a wanker!
heh says: Overlord, i say you're shit for a person. Oh, and about the car, it's awesome. Now shut up lamers.
Matrix says: Why? because he's trying to overcompensate for something. I'd call 'heh' a wanker for telling those of us with common sense to shut up, but I doubt he can.
heh says: I can: shut up lamer
Dave2 says: Nice car
Hmmm says: Nice car if you live in Chat'am
Jon Goff is GAY says: Cunts. This is shite.
someone says: hmmm its not chatem its chavsville you fridge
JG is GAY says: Eh?
The Mac says: Not bad kit on that actually.... I reckon most of the wankers on here are posh cunts with mercs n bentleys.
Hmmm says: The Mac, it is better to be posh than a brainless, repulsive, annoying, anti-social, ugly, cuntbag who smokes and litters, spends their whole life in and around MacDonalds being a complete arse.
steve says: your car is so shit that just looking at it makes me want to kill do you sleep at night with such a crap car?
dicko says: theres nothing wrong with this car i think it looks really nice in a tidy way
hahahahahaha says: I just wonder if any the people who are constantly slagging off the cars on this site actually have driving licences? like jon goff is gay can you even drive???? and I dont mean in the local arcade. Go suck donkey dick you sister humping preist played with little twat
Jenny Rowe says: One of my friends mentioned this sight, as there is an explosion of chavs and their vile chav-sporters everywhere you go -even in the Lake District for heavens sake! You live in remote areas to get away from crap like this, not to have them follow you on day trips! I do have both a licence and a very nice car myself and do think the phrase "can't polish a turd" applies to all cars on here. The reason these peasants go for these cars is because they can pay £300 for the car (in exchange for swapping their Argos jewellery for cash at cash convertors or similar) and then modify them, week by week, as their benefits come in. £30 for a bit of tat here, £80 for 2nd hand alloys, £60 for a cheap meccano looking spolier, £20 or a stolen readio from Dave the Pov at the local pub and some dodgy mechanic that can "black out their windows" and leave those oh so stylish air bubbles in the film. I do see sense in this though, air bubbles or not - If I were driving a corsa or otehr revolting chav car, I would black the windows out. And wear a balaclava. I do feel justified in commenting on these cars as it's my tax money that has been used to finance them and their vile passengers. Also, owning a mercedes doesn't make you "posh" or "snooty" or whatever that comment was - bet you'd swap your 1.2 G reg Nova for one wouldn't you?!
gay-boy faggot says: ys every1 h8 gays so much
VTR says: You are all fuck wits, get a life and or die!!
vRS says: Rely to Jenny Rowe, The best place for a chav explosion would be inside this pile of shit, whilst stopped at McDonalds and surrounded by the sort of underclass scum who think this is a good car.
jenny rowe is a fuckin eejit says: ur comment was copied and pasted from a previous post.
EuroDubbed Wankers says: The issue with chav cars isn't directly related to the cars they drive. There's nothing wrong with a little hatchback like a Fiesta, Corsa, Saxo or 206. The issue is the way they drive them and what they do to them. If you think about it, any and every car could be considered chavvy, it just depends on what you do to it and the way you drive. You regularly see idiots driving much more expensive cars who will tailgate you, drive aggressively and spend stupid amounts of money adding plastic shit to their cars. They like to see themselves as individual, and that's often their reason for modifying their cars, but every car modification has already been done before by other chavs, and so all that happens is they stick out like a sore thumb and get branded as anti-social assholes, because they blend in with one another so easily and stick out from your average person just as easily too. You don't need to be a 'posh cunt' to see them as an object of fun, most of the population see chav cars as an object of fun and so whether you're a 'posh cunt' or just an average person it doesn't change the fact that chav cars are a massive joke. The best part is, they do it to themselves. I am sure that most of the people on here do in fact have a driving licence, and probably own an average car. Like a Fiesta, Corsa, Punto etc. The difference is they aren't spending their benefits gluing plastic shit from Halfords onto them, and they don't drive like assholes tailgating other people and being generally anti-social. It is often funny reading some forums and I stumbled across one the other week where they were all posting photos of their old cars. Virtually every single person and every single one of their cars had been crashed: and it's always because "Someone pulled out on me" or "It was raining and the roads were damp". In actual fact it was because they were driving like complete assholes and think their little 106 or Saxo becomes a true performance car once they've finished gluing on the plastic Halfords shit. The statistics of Britain's roads will tell us all that we are very likely to be involved in a collision at some point during our driving career, but chavs in their little shitboxes seem to be involved in them more often, the only opinion you could reach on this fact is that they drive like pricks and are too foolish to spot the errors of their ways. That's my opinion and I would suggest the opinion of most people isn't much different from mine. So no, you don't need to be a 'posh cunt' to laugh at these jokes, and you don't need to drive an expensive car either to laugh at them. A chav car becomes a chav car when it is being driven by a 17year old Colin McRae wannabe who likes to drive "If in doubt, flat out" on the public road where there are animals, people and other motorists about, and they've also been to Halfords and bought some £300 'RipSpeed' alloys for their car that cost them £200.

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