toyota corolla 94 model crap unreliable smells luk
11 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 1011 votes, average: 6.00 out of 10 (11 votes, average: 6.00 out of 10, rated)

Oh dear god no. why, why, why would they do this?
12 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 1012 votes, average: 7.33 out of 10 (12 votes, average: 7.33 out of 10, rated)

pw says: Jesus,this is just a giant dog turd
Paul says: Erm... Not shit at all actually. This car runs 900BHP from an Audi Quattro engine. Look up and you will see that this car is very much not in the same league as the miriad of overly fibreglass saxos that tend to feature on this site.
heh says: Its quite a nice car by the looks of it!
heh says: I smell of poo poo
Daz says: No chaps, it's shit.
nice car says: it's a really nice car. the webmaster is just plain STUPID.
Daz says: Nope, I've just checked and's still shit.
Gerg says: This thing reeks of dog shit! I would rather walk!
joey says: i tink its nice
motorman says: nice car, wank paint job...
Dave2 says: Superb looking car, with the power to match. All I can see with these negative posts is jealousy that someone has a faster and better car than them. Just because you can't accept people have different tastes you have to single them out with abusive comments. You must feel really proud of yourself.
chav king says: brap this cars sik if i had 1 id msh up ne1 hu sed it wernt getme!!!
Harold King says: well personally i think this car could do with a spot of paint over those awful grey bits, overall its a rather nice car. take away the big back bit and the rancid paintwork and halleluiah!!
Cecilia King says: my husband Harold and i think this car is repulsive sort it out please its hurting my eyes!! and as for my son jamie (chav king he calls himself) is pissed out of his head and whatever he says does not matter!
chav kingf says: im bre not pissed ye god man fuck urselves im not chattin bout the car ne more man god man im gna go shag ma girlfrend shes up for it lil slag and if thers ne1 out ther up for a threesome im up for it so is ma slag gf ooo ye yess yesssssssssss ooo ooo o yess mmmmm
kings slag says: uh uh uh uhh ohhh yes yessssssss mmmmmmmmmmmmmm o no o no big boy oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yess mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oo oooooo yes yes YES!!!!!! YESSS stop stop plzzz mmmmmmm
slagg says: ooooooo yes uh ohhhhhh oh oh uh uh please oh oooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm uh uh uhhh mmmmm oooooooooff fuk fuk fuk jamie jamie oooooo yes yes YES jamie ooooooo jamie yes yesssss mmmmmmm plzz plzz plzzz oooooo yes yes plzzz oh no oh nooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmm yes yes yes plzzz ooo yerrrr in ther jamie oo jamie
Ian says: Google Dahlback racing and get a few videos. This car was built for the track, is very quick, very well set up and very capable. It doesn't look like it would suit the high street but then thats not why it was created. If you smell poo poo, find out about the car and why it was made.
OwneD.TBH says: I Agree with Dave2 have a diffrent taste so they single them out. i know what type of people do this.. the ones that have no friends and got bullied in school. makes me laugh all these fags on there talking crap about nice cars. dont get me wrong some of the cars on here are a joke. but some of them are nice and u get these fags that hate them. Funny i bet they would'nt walk up to the owner and tell them there car was shit. fags
Fookwit says: Fools! This car is the nuts!
Hmmm says: Why does it look so shit then??!!
ryan says: fair dooze, i reckon this car is stunnin, personally i just think your jealous who ever thinks this car is crap, but im sure your micra is really great
chaz says: this is a nice golf only thing that is a bit crap is the grill on the boot wud look much nicer jst smooth
jonsey says: that car is mint well nice
jade says: my cars miles better then that mate but its still smart
chaz read before post says: The rs2 quattro engine was so big on this golf that the radiator and fans were moved to the back of the car, thats why there is a grill there, plz note that this car makes over 900hp ppl that talk about this being rice, they should read automotive books...
and... says: btw the chasis equals race cars : )
Hmmm says: It looks terrible and the number plate is really sad.
Kreator says: You guys need to shut up on this one... its a Dahlback Golf RSI its worth more money then most of your guys houses... it looks like a stock Golf 4 but has 900 HP under the hood, i can apreciate this car and more guys will tell you the same.
Hmmm says: I'm not questioning the performance but did they have to make it look so shit.
dude03 says: fucking awesome car. beats any of u lots cars
golf-lover. says: absolute beaute of a car.
Mr Mann says: A nice Golf spoiled by nasty paintwork. Would've been better if it was all black. If someone offered me one, I wouldn't say no though!
GTI_1.8T_245BHP says: it may look like a pile of bollocks, but that pumps out nearly 1000bhp from two audi RS4 4.4 v8 engines, and its four-wheel drive, in other words, it will smoke the fuck out of anything
vicky and tasha says: ur car is wel nice m8 jst wondering if the car looks as gd as u ? were r u frm babex x frm the rochdale birdsxx
pluto says: all you lot who know nowt about cars need to shhhh. This golf is now packing over a 1000bhp. Its was built buy a firm called Dalhback racing.As paul said look at their site, fooooking awsome stuff
pluto says: again acutally its an Audi 5 cyclinder from a quattro and a fooking hoog turbo.
Mr Mann says: 1000 bhp? In a Golf? Sounds impressive but can a Mk4 Golf seriously take that amount of power?! (that's providing this isn't 1000 bhp "on paper") Like they say, the bullshit stops when the flag drops so I would really like to see this 1000 bhp proven.
leeothelion says: Okay, this car Honestly Really IS SO SHIT, but here is why it is...See, on one side, it's actually a bloody good car, as it is good, fast, well made, etc, but anyone with a BRAIN knows NOT to actually want one, and, you shouldn't put wheels on it that stick out, and never a spoiler on a hatchback!!!
bumbum says: nice car... Volkswagens don't deserve to be on this website.
petayV8 says: Mr Mann you forgot to mention the fact who would even be retarded enough to do those kind of modifications to a VW Golf, a Golf, maybe a chav who won the lottery fuckin idiot
Andy says: Its never 1000hp, its a 100hp 1.6. Has that well farted out look to it, just needs a big splattery shit strained out on the drivers seat to complete it..

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