How low can you go
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How do you spot a chav in the dark? He's the cunt with lights under his small engined hatch back.
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Fr3ak says: This car looks da nuts, at least he looks after his car and gives a shit. That way theres less boy racing coz they dont want to crash their cars
Daz says: 'looks da nuts'? What the fuck are you on twat? This is so shit it's shameful.
heh says: This picture is good because in addition to the highly stupid car, you have it in its natural environment (supermarket car park)and surrounded by chav/pikey simpletons who think standing around in the cold wanking over a shit car is a sensible way to spend their evenings.
heh says: The car is taki with the shity lights underneath it
Gas says: Only a wanker would do this to his car and take a photo of it with his 'mates' in the background. Bunch of pikes
Gemz123 says: OH MY GOD u guys are so jealous jus cos u cant do cars up like this
heh says: i don't see anything wrong with this car.. oh well, you're a stupid dipshit anyway, fucking webmaster.
Daz says: 'heh', you don't see anything wrong with this car? Try looking at the picture, twat.
Anti-Daz says: How fantastic, Daz - did you search Google Images with terms like "Citroen Saxo" and "Vauxhall Nova" so you can have what pictures to upload on this shitty website ? HAHAHHA HOW LAME!
daz is a fukin nob (Dave Sidebottom) says: what the fuck daz?? i cant c why the fuck you rip these cars, they look mint. as if ur sad enough to make a website for abusing such quality...what, did ur gran get knocked over by a sweet car you prick. or is it because mummy wont let u modify the volvo....sweaty fuck.
Leah says: dis car iz fukin phat innit
says: dis car is shit hot n so is da moddin scene u fukin skivs probably carnt even afford da neons
wanker says: wankerz
Hitler says: There are no such words as 'c', 'u', 'dis', 'da', 'ur', 'd', 'n' and 'ya'. If you communicate in this way you are lacking the intellect to make a valid contribution to this subject.
ZOEY N FAYE says: dis car is fukin boss who ever owns it add us to msn l8rs xxx
Daz says: I agree with Hitler... never thought I'd say that?
mini mib says: what does people have against saxos
time is up says: hello peeps just to let you all know it is poss to trace a web site and as a modder i think i should trace this one i know some of you on here and your cars when iv got this wankers address ill send it to all of you that i can just make shore you pass it on to all your mates this might take a little time but i will do just so this cunt gets all that is comin his way and ill burn his fucking bag of shit z3 hair dressers car.
.. says: right u fucking me off, ur z3 cost about 7 grand this motor 15 grand , it looks better is better, and da boi prob gets more pussy than u , lil rent boi, u love cock u arse hold
Daz says: 'arse hold'? Is that one of your gay wrestling moves?
hen says: wat da hell do uz guys that made this shit web site no bout cars id like 2 c wat old sheds u drive
dis iz my car says: listn u bunch ov fukin wankas ill ave less ov ur shit n az 4 u time iz up, bring it on u litl fukwit.. Ill bash u ova da hed u cnt. bring it on.
+ says: you british people are funny
Mr. Dictionary says: Can none of you stupid fuckers actually spell?
someone says: the gay man out of little britain will like this
Hmmm says: No he wouldn't only a complete twat face would like it
Man with Style says: I'm ashamed that this car is not near the top of the shit list.
someone says: maybe
Hmmm says: My thoughts exactly.
xxl.gxx says: i don't c wats wrong wid it i really really like it
tom says: now the sad bastard that wants to spend bout 6 grand on a car that is worth bout 2 and a half is a fuckin nob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WELL... says: it's nice. at least hes made it look good and gives a shitabout it
Hmmm says: WELL... You complete cunt. HOW DOES IT LOOK NICE! It looks like it has half melted at some point.
Thomas says: Everyone shut the fuck up. Actually this car is shit, thats why it is one a website called "your car is shit". Fucking cunting bastards.
says: bunch of tossers
says: by the way your copy right has expired
lozza says: dis car is well nice i dow no how eny1 caqn dis this car wen its probz betta than thers
says: fuck you, its shite
says: How has nobody brought up the fact that ALL Saxos are pure toss, simply because they're French?!
heh says: Moreover, why is the front end pointing upwards? Either it doesn't have an engine, or its got 4 pregnant 13 year-olds in the back. Being a car clearly owned by some chav cock-wizard, I reckon its both!
The One Chav Killer says: Must be illegal to have a nuclear car engine.
Moi hehehe says: Obviously ne1 who likes this must be one of the pregnant 13 year olds u mentioned
dis car is ace says: so dnt dis fuk u emo bummers dis car is ace!
ChavKiller says: STE, it's got YOUR MOTHER in the back
white van man says: ooh look it's in a car park! a rare place to find one of these things!
gollum says: Being fair - the car is an achievement and someone love's it - the sad thing is the people and their thick headed sub-culture that they are creating - if your english then speak it or piss off to a country that does'nt. Please.
englishman says: gollum - Before complaining about other people's English, please check your own first. "Loves" should not contain an apostrophe in that context; English should be capitalised; you have confused your and you're and put the apostrophe in "doesn't" in the wrong place. Otherwise I would agree with the sentiment.
DIE MOTHERFUCKERS! says: your all a bunch of pricks...who gives a shit about the fucking car what you should be worrying about is your wives, sisters, girlfriends, nans and aunties getting fucked by big black cocks
englishman is a prick says: really a fucking stephen hawking retared cunt
billyboy says: your name is toby, pick my cotton
SomePlace says: This is a nice one. jealous pops in to mind here

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