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Came across this total pile of crap on ebay. Its called the Rat look. For the love of god. WHAT THE HELL IS THE FUCKING RAT LOOK???? This has to be one of the biggest piles of shit I have ever seen. one 3 letter word MOT! not. for fuck sake.
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clive says: haha u clearly need glasses who ever put this car on this website one off the best looking passats around ! clearly your a civic (oh sorry a shitvic ) owner ! got one 4 letter word for you t#*t
Leanne says: To the douche bag that is souneducated on the car scene to even put this on here and not understand the term RAT LOOK then I think you should keep your opinion to yourself or get a pink diary that you can write all your comments in like the little bitch you obviously are! RATLOOK is a form of individuality it's a form of modification that has no limits the only limit is the end of your imagination! And is a big thing in the VW scene, I personally think your a massive penis and you should defintley educate yourself before forming a opinion
Ross says: Imagination creates individuals. Why be normal? Clearly the owner of this site was abused
Stuart says: The rat look is an American thing. Where hot rodders on a budget would use mish mash parts to create their rods. This budget meant that many were unpainted and left rusty or sometimes painted on a budget. Again causing an inconsistent dirty often rusty look. Hence the name rats. But they were rods so they had performance unlike the choice of base car here. So why on earth is the term poached and used on an old family eurobox estate? The fact that some tit would say in the comments "One of the best looking passats around" shows just how shit the VW scene is or more likely the retard himself needs glasses. And as for the comment about individuality?!?! I would say its more a form of modification for those broke ass kids that read the magazines and wish on a real modified car. Your right it is individual in the same way as quasi modo or the elephant man. And of course it has limits There is an agency called VOSA that put many limits on cars. You know an MOT. It's an adaptation or pillage of an American historic car idea. For kids who scrape to buy overpriced insurance and barely run their cars as petrol is so dear. But they want to be "individual" so they make their cars look shit,like holding a sign saying how shit your life is Anyone who had this rat or say an r32 turbo would take the form of modification that was best,required skilled labour and took time and money to achieve.
rob says: its just a bit of fun mate...get over it..
sam says: Keyboard warriors are what's killing the car scene...
clive says: lol got bored with ur paragraph ur clearly stuck up ur own arse! your guna sit there and judge someones car!its wat people like doing there hobby and passion! who gives a fuck were it came from the rat look is all over the world! tbh stuart u sound like a complete cock and must be a jap car owner
Dave says: Well said Stuart. Sam shit cars are killing the car scene And Clive no one is judging the car just saying that it is a stupid concept ratting a shit car. So stop getting ideas above your station and go back to your probable rat misses and ratty life. And before another vw retard gets all funny about me being a jap car driver. I actually drive a German car too. Have fun with your finger paints kids
Sean says: Right the rat scene did originate from America on the principal of modifying their cars with out it costing too much. The same principal applies to day. People want to modify their cars and put a twist on it rather then driver the norm. With insurance prices and labour cost many of the rats out there our done to a very low budget. I have has rats before the old school term was applied but once again ill state it was done using the same principal. Unfortunately modern cars and insurance don't lend themselves to easy big engine swaps hence why the mods are all about the appearance. I currently have a rat vw t4 as I couldn't afford to spend 2k on a paint job. I have had some nice clean motors before and modified them when I have had cash. At the end of the day it's all about someone having fun with their car. At the end of the day I like and hate some modified cars (especially anything French) but its all down to personal opinion. Have fun with your motors life is too short to bitch and moan at other people's cars. Ps I am sure this is a 1.8t so does go well.
Naw! says: I've heard of the rat look, but this old Passat just looks like a rusty heap of shite, they haven't quite got it, a home built '34 Ford it isn't!
Callum Jones says: stop h8n rust is naturel hapnz all ova
Nathan says: Rat Look is Great, although I don't get it when people do it to a Car thats anything newer than 96. Especially in this Car, looks absolutely ridiculous. Looks like somebodies gone and vandalised his/her Car. If you do it properly then I think it looks AWESOME. If you've never even heard of it then dont use this Shed on wheels as an example. Secondly, if you dont like it then things like "RAT LOOK HAHAHAHA" are a little bit childish and ignorant. I could equally say "YOUR PERSONALITY, HAHAHAHAHA" .. Cunt
Si says: F****** dicks like this make me sick. Individual? Maybe in your sheep mind it is
adam garfitt says: This is class, much better than my rat! Passats make the best rat look cars!
Paul smith says: The rat look is ok if done correctly on the right car. When every kid with a VW does it it just looks retarded. I do like the idea of spend all the time on the engine and let nature deal with the bodywork side.
Ratface says: Rats are about individuality and feeling the need to be different from recycled narcissist wankers and their 5 star safety rating nice shiny new 4x4 or Mercs (on-tick usually!) Fuck these Starbucks swilling middle-class Champagne Socialist ponces. Take a car, any fucking car and rat the shit out of it anyway you see fit! Why not? Your car will not last forever and neither will you or your ego.

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